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When the Clouds Lift by Laura L. Walker {Review}

When the Clouds Lift (A When Love Happens Novel)
by Laura L. Walker
ebook, 1st, 342 pages
Published December 12th 2017 by Laura L. Walker
Having been the class clown through most of her teenage years, eighteen-year-old Ashley Sweeney is ready to leave her family, friends, and reputation behind and start a new life in sunny California. But Ashley's determination to show her dad and stepmom that she can handle herself in the big wide world falls apart when she becomes the victim of a mean-spirited prank. To make matters worse, the one guy she never wanted to see again has come to her rescue.

Collin Nichols wanted to serve an honorable LDS mission from the time he was old enough to know what one was. But when the former high school football star's missionary service comes to a crashing halt, he's suddenly the most unpopular guy in Forest Meadow, the small LDS town he grew up in. Now, to avoid his parents' disapproval and awkward stares from people who used to be his friends, he gladly accepts Ashley's dad's plea to help him bring her home safely. If only he can get Ashley to see things his way . . . and if only he can forget the electric kiss they shared back in high school.

But getting home is only half the battle. Ashley soon is caught up in the craziness of college life and Collin is forced to stand on the sidelines and watch as she receives attention from a returned missionary who seems like the perfect match for her. But when an unexpected visitor from her past shows up on her doorstep, will she need to be rescued once again? And when the clouds finally lift, will they have formed a new love in their mist?

When the Clouds Lift is the first installment in Laura L. Walker's new LDS romance series, When Love Happens. Enjoy the beautiful setting in central Idaho as three friends find the love of their lives--for eternity.


My Review: 3 Stars

I don't think I've ever cringed so hard through a book. Ashley is very immature, naive, and awkward and it's especially apparent that she rarely thinks before acting, which leaves her in some very interesting and embarrassing situations. She knows it, but she honestly can't control her impulsive self (in many ways) and it made me feel bad for her, but it also made it hard for me to connect to her.

Collin is Ashley's step-brother's best friend and has his own issues, but he is somehow able to both overlook her shortcomings and overlook her--until she's suddenly thrust into the spotlight. He's really good at rescuing people, especially Ashley.

It is refreshing to read a clean new adult fluff story, but it really focuses on the fluff. Yes, there are conflicts needing to find resolution, but it never gets very deep and stays in the clouds. The chemistry isn't tight, but it is entertaining. The familial relationships are kind of awkward, going from one extreme to another, and I wanted more of a bond with at least some of them. The superficial flavor of the book is a great reflection of the main character's personality.

If you're looking for a light, silly, and drama-filled story, this is a great one to read for pure entertainment.
Content: mild romance; moderate religious reference, specific to LDS.
*I received a copy, which didn't influence my opinion in any way*

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