Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Honorable Warrior (A Navy SEAL Romance) by Kimberly Krey {Review}

The Honorable Warrior (A Navy SEAL Romance)
by Kimberly Krey
Kindle Edition
Published March 31st 2018
When Blayze falls in love with the woman he's protecting, his desperation to keep her safe just might blur his view.

Blayze Brockton's been working in the private protection industry since he retired his position as a Navy SEAL. So when he takes a job to protect Sophia Vasco, daughter of San Bernardino's district attorney, Blayze is confident he can keep her safe. Yet after spending a day with the beautiful, intriguing woman, he discovers the undeniable chemistry between them. Spending night and day by Sophia's side might prove more difficult than he thought.

Sophia Vasco is determined to speak at her father's campaign rallies despite the threats she's received. She has a vision of how the next two weeks will go, and with protection agent, Blayze Brockton, by her side things should run according to plan. But developing feelings for the handsome protector wasn't part of the deal. Just as the two give into a moment of passion, the threats start up anew, sending them into hiding for a time. When Sophia puts her foot down and insists on speaking at the campaign's largest event, will the hostile make good on his threats?
My Review: 4 Stars

A story of a bodyguard and a woman in need of protection is always an intriguing premise. Blayze is strong and fiercely committed to his protecting job, but he is very quick to fall for the beautiful and independent Sophia. There are some really sparks that ignite almost from the start, but there is always a bit of a tug-of-war going on.

Sophia has been receiving threats, but she's so determined to avoid being protected, which makes Blayze's job hard. I like a strong woman, but it's okay to rely on help when it's needed. That conflict of interest is magnified when Blayze falls hard and fast and the relationship seems to be constantly jerking from a complete stop to a super hot go. I kind of expected him to act on his feelings more gradually, since he is so committed to his job, but it was fun to see the sparks ignite.

I loved the suspense and would have loved more of that angle. This elements added some depth to the story and kept me guessing, and overall, this was a really fun book.

Content:  mild romance; mild violence/moments of peril

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