Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Orient Express (Timeless Victorian Collection) by Various Authors

The Orient Express (Timeless Victorian Collection)
by Elizabeth Johns, Annette Lyon, and Nancy Campbell Allen
ebook, 320 pages
Published March 27th 2018 by Mirror Press 
Source: I received a copy, which did not affect my thoughts or opinions in any way. 

https://amzn.to/2Jw45rM  https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/38146312-the-orient-express?ac=1&from_search=true
TO BREAK A BETROTHAL by Elizabeth Johns:
Recently orphaned heiress Kate Worthington must travel to England from her home in India to break an outdated betrothal contract. Surely the lure of money will tempt Lord Darlington to release her! A gentleman befriends her whilst she is aboard the luxurious Orient Express, and the attraction she feels firms her resolve to break the betrothal. What she does not count on is Lord Darlington’s hidden depths. She has so much to lose, least of which is her heart.

Even private investigator Grace Thomas needs a vacation, yet she can’t exactly turn off her detective skills at a whim. Boarding the Orient Express might be a vacation for some, but Grace finds that her senses are on high alert. She prides herself in being one step ahead of any flirtatious gentlemen, and fellow passenger Marshall Bailey is no exception. When Grace discovers that Marshall is traveling under another name, she learns that her first impressions aren’t always correct, and that she’s mistakenly allowed him to play havoc on her heart. Marshall will just have to convince Grace to give him a second chance.

Detective Vincent Brady must recover a priceless statue before it falls into the wrong hands. The only problem is that the American woman who’s carrying it for her brother has no idea the value. Vincent catches up with Emily Grant, but convincing her that he’s not out to harm her or her brother is harder than Vincent expected. Finally, Emily agrees to travel with Vincent on the Orient Express, and they plot how to rescue her brother while keeping themselves out of harm’s way. Vincent soon discovers that out of all the hardships he’s overcome in his lifetime to rise to his current detective status, convincing Emily to take a chance on him even harder.
My Review: 4 Stars
I guess my history lessons are lacking because I didn't realize how cool and real the Orient Express was! I honestly didn't know much about it. I loved getting a glimpse of it through the eyes of three different sets of characters and enjoyed that it played a central role in connecting these novellas.
Each story is a lot of fun, as there are twists that weren't expected--at least, not by me. There is an arranged marriage (betrothal), a woman who owns a detective agency and is set on finding her man, and a fake marriage, which are some of my favorite tropes. Each story had a bit of a mystery and some intrigue, which added to the overall entertainment. I could see the books play out in my mind like movies, especially the sweet romances.
I really enjoy these collections because they're not only entertaining, but they each deliver a clean, wholesome, and fun story that leaves me feeling slightly more educated about the time period. And the romance is sigh-worthy.

Content: very mild violence; mild, sweet romance

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