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The Ultimate Agent by Derek Borne {Review}

The Ultimate Agent by Derek Borne
Virtuoso Press (May 13, 2017), 292 pages
Source: I received a copy from the author, which did not influence my opinion


Your Mission:
Undertake an adventure of epic, global, and dire proportions.

Agent #524 - Devon Bertrand
Once a normal civilian, Agent Bertrand has been recruited by the Ultimate Agency—a secret organization of the world’s best spies. Now, after undergoing genetic upgrades, he has become a superhuman agent dedicated to fighting against all threats against the nation he now calls home.

Agent #146 - Brett Gallagher
A brilliant scientist, Dr. Gallagher invents and utilizes technologically advanced gadgets and weapons to fight against national security threats like a modern day superhero.

The Target – Maximus Romanov
Employed by a mysterious Russian terrorist group, Romanov is a superhuman operative wreaking havoc in the United States.

Mission Data – Confidential
Join Agent Devon Bertrand and Agent Brett Gallagher on a mission to stop Romanov from destroying the United States. As Bertrand and Gallagher work to discover why Maximus harbors a deep hatred toward America, they uncover a conspiracy brewing against the Ultimate Agency, and one man will make the ultimate sacrifice.

My Review: 3 Stars

I had my teenage son read this and he didn't make it past the first chapter because not only was it a little confusing, but all of the casinos and gambling totally turned him off. As for me, I enjoy superheroes and adventure movies and this book definitely has plenty of the heroes and action. But almost too much at times. I found my head spinning on more than one occasion. And the points-of-view changed often and into multiple characters' heads without warning, which gave me a little mental whiplash. 

The characters are your typically superheroes, but that's what made it fun, because it was entertaining to discover their talents and the ways they would use them. I love tales of good versus evil and enjoyed watching how that angle played out.

As with most of these types of stories, there are a few romantic tangles and although those aren't the main focus, they are my favorite part (of course), and this book had quite a few displays. I had a hard time feeling a connection with the characters in any romantic regard. The relationships didn't feel deep or genuine, but if you enjoy a superficial romance with much more detailed action, you'll probably enjoy this one.
Content: mild romance; moderate violence (superhero/action-type); mild language

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