Friday, May 25, 2018

Her Big Fat Dreamy Billionaire Ex by Victorine Lieske {Review}

Her Big Fat Dreamy Billionaire Ex 
by Victorine E. Lieske
Kindle Edition
Published May 22nd 2018 
Source: I received a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are my own.
Felicity should have suspected something when she got hired to take pictures at a resort in Belize, all expenses paid. When she arrives and bumps into her ex-fiancé, Aiden, she realizes she’s been set up. His grandmother is playing matchmaker and every time she turns around Grams is forcing Aiden and her together. But she can’t fall for him again, it was a disaster last time, and she doesn’t want to repeat the past. 

Aiden can’t believe Felicity is at his resort. She broke his heart five years ago, and he’s determined not to allow it to happen again. But one disaster after another keeps forcing them together and he’s sure Grams is behind all of it. He’s just not sure how long he can hold out without pulling Felicity into his arms and confessing that he never really got over her.

Her Big Fat Dreamy Billionaire Ex is a sweet romance, and it is a stand-alone novel. 

My Review: 5 Stars

This Destined For Love Romance: Resorts series is making me add places to my bucket list like crazy and now Belize is at the top. Not only is there a second chance romance looming at this resort, but the lush, tropical location is to die for.

The characters are fascinating and lovable: Grams is a meddler, to be sure, but she's pure in her matchmaking intentions and in hilarious ways; then there's Felicity, who has trust issues; and finally, Aiden, a good and wholesome workaholic. The whole reason for the breakup was tragic, but meant to be, since both characters obviously had some growing to do.

I fell in love with the whole plot and story line, even with the drama that unfolded. The romance was very realistic--hesitant, yet undeniable; tentative, yet swoony. And so much fun. If you love a sweet romance in a tropical location with very real characters, be sure to check this one out.

Content: mild, swoony romance

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