Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Say You Love Me by Heather B. Moore {Review}

Say You Love Me (Pine Valley #3) by Heather B. Moore
Kindle Edition, 200 pages
Published April 17th 2018 by Mirror Press 
Source: I received a copy, which did not influence my opinions in any way.
Clara Benson is not looking for a relationship, especially not after her losing her teaching position, followed by a disastrous breakup with her fiancé, and the sudden death of the grandma who raised her. In fact, Clara picks up and moves to escape her mess of memories. She hopes that Pine Valley will be the perfect place to heal from heartache.

When she meets her boss’s lawyer, Dawson Harris, Clara can’t deny her attraction. But she’s determined to choose herself, and her healing, over a guy who might be charming, attractive, and oh, so appealing. Easy, right? But when Dawson becomes the one person who can straighten out her mess, she realizes that finding herself doesn’t have to be mean losing Dawson.  
My Review: 5 Stars
Pine Valley sounds like my kind of place. Small town, but with some amenities and plenty of great people. I've loved the time I've spent here and was completely captivated from the start, especially with that yoga scene, haha.
Some women are so hesitant about relationships, especially because of past experiences, and that's exactly Clara to a T. But what I love about her, is that she knows she's hot and cold and she tries so hard to change her path. It's kind of annoying when a character has no clue how wishy-washy they are and I didn't feel that with Clara. Dawson, on the other hand, is a swoony-worthy man of great determination. What's not to love? Dawson has been a secondary character in the previous books and I've been very intrigued by him and let me just say--he was totally worth the wait!
I really loved both the progression of the story and the character growth. Both characters have a lot of healing to do from their pasts and it's done in a light and tasteful way, while dealing with difficult situations. The sweet and tender small and simple things are what really won me over.
There were so many things that had my heart singing, some things that had me laughing, and still others that had me grabbing a tissue. Heather B. Moore knows how to draw a reader in and how to firmly plant me within the pages.
Content: mild, sweet romance; some innuendo; implied intimacy prior to a past marriage 


  1. I love stories set in small towns. It creates immediate conflict as everyone knows everyone and everyone's business.

    1. That's exactly it! Conflict really is immediate.