Monday, July 2, 2018

A Pirate at Pembroke by Danielle Thorne {Review}

A Pirate at Pembroke by Danielle Thorne
Kindle Edition, 433 pages
Published April 25th 2018 
Source: I received a complimentary copy. All opinions are my own and were voluntarily given.  
Keeping company with a reputed pirate is one thing, but falling in love with him could ruin the eccentric Crestwood family for good...

Sophie Crestwood is never going to catch a husband. Her father is a gossip, her mother has her nose in a book, and little Jack has shamefully been dismissed from boarding school. Worst of all, a pirate moves next door into Pembroke Hall.

When Sophie's sent to a matchmaking party at a neighboring estate, the pirate from Pembroke arrives and distracts everyone from the summer festivities. Unguarded, her feelings about the mysterious Captain Murdock bloom into a trusted friendship that Sophie fears may come to mean more than anyone would ever suspect.
My Review: 4 Stars
Sophie comes from a pretty non-traditional family and they're pretty quirky. It's her father (not her mother) who is the gossiping goose and her mother (not her father) who reads Gothic novels. It's fun to see those stereotypical roles reversed. Her little brother is a brat, especially when he leaves her in the rain and as for Sophie, she is clueless in her quest for a match. But...I liked the light-hearted (and at time, silly) feel that was brought to the story because of all of this. 
There were times when the story dragged a little and other times when it was just right. I have to admit--a 400+ page book is a little daunting when the kids are home for the summer and I would've been happy to just skip to the parts with Captain Murdock in them, haha.
Speaking of the good Captain, the surprises and mysteries that surrounded him were so much fun and completely made this book. I loved how they were gradually uncovered. This isn't a swashbuckling story, but it's still so much fun. I love the interactions with him and the slow burn romance really was sweet. I really enjoyed most of the goings on in this reminiscent-of-Jane-Austen style offering. 
Content: clean

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