Monday, July 9, 2018

Battling the Billionaire by Kate Ashgrove {Review}

Battling the Billionaire by Kate Ashgrove
Kindle Edition
Published June 4th 2018 
Source: I received a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are my own and were voluntarily given.
When Jenna crashes a high-society party, she has one goal in mind: humiliate Devon Ward, the new CEO of TrueLife Insurance Company. She never expects to see Devon again, but then nothing about Devon is what she expected. After her demonstration, he should be pressing charges. Instead he seems determined to right the wrongs inflicted by his company. But Jenna’s been fighting her own battles for so long, she’s not sure she can trust someone like Devon, no matter how genuine he seems.
Devon Ward never wanted to be the CEO of an insurance company, and he has no interest in money or society. What he does care about is preserving the one good thing his father left behind, a legacy of relieving the pain of others. When that legacy is challenged by a beautiful and very angry woman, he’ll do whatever it takes to change her mind about his company and save its reputation. It doesn’t take long for Devon to realize it’s him that needs to change, but even if he can become the kind of man Jenna deserves, will she give him a chance?
My Review: 4 Stars

Jenna is determined to embarrass the new CEO of a big insurance company because she doesn't think they play fair and have made a lot of wrong decisions. It's interesting that she's so passionate about her cause, but when she meets Devon and discovers that he's not what she expected him to be, she can't forgive him and give him a chance to redeem himself, especially considering he's the new CEO and wasn't behind previous choices. I think sometimes people are blinded by their feelings and can't see past their anger and that's what I saw.

Devon tries so hard to right the wrongs of the past and is a very generous soul. He's likable and sweet and I loved his passion for cooking. Jenna is intense and loyal, almost to a fault, but deep down has a heart of gold. I enjoyed the interactions between these two and was rooting for Devon to bust those walls down. Overall, this was a fun story to watch unfold.
Content: very mild romance

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