Friday, November 9, 2018

The Queen's Ball (A Timeless Victorian Collection) {Review}
The Queen's Ball (A Timeless Victorian Collection)
by Anthea Lawson, Rebecca Connolly, and Jennifer Moore
Kindle Edition, 223 pages
Published October 9th 2018 by Mirror Press 
Source: I received a complimentary copy
WALTZED by Anthea Lawson:
Eleanor Tremont never expected her father to pass away unexpectedly – leaving her with a horrible stepmother, two grasping step-sisters, and no dowry whatsoever. Relegated to a servant in her own home, she struggles to come to terms with her bleak new life. Summoned to Queen Victoria’s Stuart Ball, can Ellie find her happily-ever-after despite impossible odds? Add an absent-minded Godmother, an orange carriage, and a dancing-slipper mishap, and prepare to be swept away into this fairytale romance…

A LOVE TO CLAIM by Rebecca Connolly:
Abigail Sterling is not at all pleased to see that the man who broke her heart is in London, and even less pleased that he wants to renew their friendship. But, against her better judgment, she finds herself drawn to him, just as she always had been. Letters from a secret admirer keep her from completely giving into Matthew again, and soon her heart is torn between a familiar love and a mysterious one.

COMING HOME by Jennifer Moore:
After the sudden death of her father, Clara Brightly is sent far from her home in India to live with relatives on the Isle of Wight. The islanders are suspicious of newcomers, and none more so than a local landowner, Grant Mason who, at first meeting, considers Clara to be arrogant and disdainful of the island he loves. When the two are appointed to lead the church choir in an island-wide competition, Clara discovers that she may have a place on the island after all. Grant comes to realize that what he took as haughtiness was merely shyness, and Queen Victoria’s ball at Osborne house seems the perfect place to tell her. But when Clara is offered a chance to return to India, she must decide once and for all what “home” really means.
My Review: 4 Stars

What a fun and adorable collection of stories! I've always been a fan of royalty and could just imagine the excitement of receiving an invitation to a ball hosted by the Queen of England herself. I enjoyed how each offering had that common event to revolve around, but had truly unique plots.

WALTZED is a Victorian Cinderella story and I loved the way that Ellie and Kit connected. They built upon a childhood friendship, while both trying to avoid some devious stepsisters. It was fun to see the fairy tale elements incorporated into this setting, giving it a sweet and hopeful flavor.

Swooning abounded in A LOVE TO CLAIM, especially as the mystery of a secret admirer and love letters captured the heart. Everyone makes mistakes and I loved the second chance idea as well, especially as beloved family members got involved. Matthew and Abigail are sure to steal your hearts!

Music and home are the general feelings of COMING HOME. This author always delivers a tale that isn't set in your typical England and the vivid descriptions of this island were great. I loved the musical theme that binds Clara and Grant together, especially as she comes to realize where her home really is.

This collection has it all when it comes to balls and was a very enjoyable read.

Content: mild, sweet romance; A LOVE TO CLAIM has mild language

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