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A Yuletide Regency (A Timeless Romance Anthology) {Review}
A Yuletide Regency (A Timeless Romance Anthology)
Kindle Edition, 306 pages
Published November 2nd 2018 by Mirror Press 
Source: I received a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are my own and were voluntarily given
'Tis the season for six lovely and charming Regency romances!

Curl up by the fire, sip your favorite hot drink, and enjoy A YULETIDE REGENCY: six brand new Regency romance novellas by Regina Scott, Sarah M. Eden, Jen Geigle Johnson, Annette Lyon, Krista Lynne Jensen, and Heather B. Moore.

Mary Rose has one goal for her mother’s annual Christmas Eve party: convince her childhood friend Julian Mayes to marry her. She has always admired Julian. Surely one moment under the kissing bough will convince him they were meant to be together. Newly hired by a prestigious London law firm, Julian is ready to shake the dust of the countryside off his polished boots. But he’s always had a soft spot for Mary. As the danger to her future becomes clear, will one kiss be enough to prove to him how far he will go to protect her?

Famed matchmaker to the ton, Adelaide Northrup cannot imagine a more perfect way to spend Christmas than answering the desperate call of Mr. Porter Bartrum: widower, young father, dunderhead. The young gentleman’s first marriage was an arranged one and he hasn’t the first idea how to find a wife on his own. His dear friend, Chloe Munson, has watched his attempts with amusement and finds this latest approach, the clandestine hiring of a matchmaker, his most entertaining yet. If Adelaide plays her cards right, and she always does, she might very well manage to secure two happy endings.

THE FORBIDDEN DUKE by Jen Geigle Johnson
They weren’t supposed to meet, but now that they have, nothing will ever be the same. The Duke of Salsbury blames her family. Lady Catherine blames his. Will an age-old dispute between the Salsburys and Asters rip apart any hope they have to be together? In this game of secrets and lies, can their love for each other conquer even the most tightly held family prejudices?

On Christmas Eve, Eleanor Hadfield, who works as governess at her childhood home of Willowsmeade, is stunned to learn that the love of her youth, Julian Phillips, is coming back after a decade’s absence. Once the gardener’s son, he has elevated his station to navy captain. Making a match with a mere governess would lower his position, if he were to still love her as he did as a young man, which is unlikely. Unable to bear the idea of noble Julian keeping an old promise out of obligation or pity, Eleanor decides to leave the only place that has ever been a home.

FOLLOW THE RIVER HOME by Krista Lynne Jensen
With her beloved home entailed away to a wealthy cousin, spirited Arabelle Hyatt has resigned herself to marry the arrogant man, if only to save her family from destitution. But before an understanding is reached, a childhood friend returns from war, wounded in more ways than one. With Christmas coming—what may be their last at Hybrigge—holiday traditions are celebrated, memories are revisited, and Arabelle learns what lies in a man’s words is not always what lies in his heart.

THE NEW EARL by Heather B. Moore
Celia Thompson knows she can’t live with the new earl who’s come to take her brother’s place. Before she can pack her belongings and reconcile herself to a fate of living as a spinster in her aunt’s home, the new earl arrives. Yet, Aaron, now Lord Banfield, is not the pompous, arrogant man she’d imagined. In fact, he’s quite . . . interesting and handsome. Celia decides to help the man acclimate to his new role. But the longer she stays on at Banfield, the more she realizes the new earl might be the answer she’s been looking for.  

My Review: 4 Stars

This is a charming collection of Regency Christmas stories that really warm the heart and delight the soul. As always, with these Timeless Romance Collections, they can be read a story at a time or all at once and each offering gives the reader a taste of different aspects of Regency life.

I loved the kissing bough and the childhood friendship that connects Julian and Mary in ALWAYS KISS AT CHRISTMAS.

The idea of a matchmaker, and a successful one at that, delivered an appealing story in A YULETIDE MATCH. The antics were fun and entertaining.

THE FORBIDDEN DUKE made me laugh and kept me very entertained, with the mix-up and the slight, intriguing mystery.

MISTLETOE AT WILLOWSMEADE produced a slightly sentimental feeling, especially as this story is all about giving up on dreams and accepting a future different from the one that was planned. Yet, there is a thread of hope and second chances that drifts through the pages.

Self-sacrifice is a strong theme in FOLLOW THE RIVER HOME. I love how true character is revealed and the heart is followed.

Misconceptions take the characters by surprise in THE NEW EARL. I loved the characters, especially the dog, and the way Aaron and Celia came to know each other so thoroughly and quickly.

Content: mild romance

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