Monday, January 7, 2019

The Christmas Compromise by Susan Hatler {Review}

The Christmas Compromise by Susan Hatler
Published December 18th 2018 by Hatco Publishing
Source: I received a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are my own and were voluntarily given.

Morgan Reed is excited to return to her hometown of Christmas Mountain, Montana and open her beauty salon, but when she arrives to her rented business space she’s shocked to find it already occupied by Dallas Parker—her brother’s best friend, the guy she had a childhood crush on, and the one her mom blames for their family’s greatest tragedy.

With their landlord out of the country and unreachable, Morgan and Dallas must open their businesses together. But, no worries, all small towns need a combo furniture store/beauty salon, right? Ugh. As they work together, Morgan tries to keep her emotional distance but time and off-the-charts chemistry soon turn a childhood friendship into a blossoming romance.

Unfortunately, just when their relationship develops into something deeper, an unexpected crisis reopens her family’s old wounds and the blame is on Dallas once again. Will Morgan’s sadness and fear pull them apart, or make her realize Dallas has always been her heart’s true safe harbor?

(This story was previously set in the Christmas Falls world under the title Forever Yours in Christmas Falls. Forever Yours in Christmas Falls is still available in paperback.)

My Review: 4.5 Stars

Morgan and Dallas have a connection from the past and when they both move back to their hometown and are leased the same building for their businesses, sparks start flying once again.

I love the small town romances and this one is no exception. Morgan is a contradiction--she's feisty, smart, and strong, yet she just cannot stand up to her overbearing and controlling mother. Dallas is persistent and patient and has worked so hard to become who was meant to be after his rebellious and wild youth. I loved the way the characters fell into a swoony relationship without meaning to, but it's impossible to fight what is meant to be.

Sometimes misunderstandings can stress a person out. Those stressors can last for years that it's a difficult thing to deal with, as Morgan well comprehends. I love the way old wrongs were mended and the way new beginnings emerge. What a sweet escape!

Content: mild+ romance; mild violence/death