Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Falling for Her Billionaire Best Friend by Maria Hoagland {Review}

Falling for Her Billionaire Best Friend by Maria Hoagland
Kindle Edition
Expected publication: July 9th 2019 by Red Leaves Press 
Source: I received a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are my own and were voluntarily given.
Kissing your best friend is a gamble. One amazing lip-lock could destroy the friendship or be the start of true love—but you won’t know unless you try it . . .
With heavy iron gates, two security stations, and a groundskeeper's cottage, The Cove has everything a billionaire could ask for in a home. Dubbed Billionaire Bachelor Cove because of the residents' single status and income portfolios, The Cove is the perfect place to hide away from the world. But, as the residents soon find out, they can't hide from love.

Billionaire next-door neighbors Mary Alice Howe and Ryland Neilson have mothers who are are lifelong best friends. But throwing their children together for everything from Camelot Cruise birthday parties to cotillion classes has ensured a close friendship, not the hoped-for romance.
Excited to become the newest CEO of his father's company, Ryland takes a risk that just might ruin the company. Taking a chance on a relationship with his best friend Mary Alice, however, seems even more foolish. Sure, he’s had a slight crush on her for a while now, but they can’t get their timing right to give a romantic relationship a shot.
Already unsure what she wants to do with her career and her relationship with pro soccer player Camden Sharpe, adding new and thrilling feelings for her best friend causes Mary Alice’s world to spin upside-down. One thing she does know is that she wants a fairy-tale romance. Ryland may look like the part of the handsome prince—tall, dark, and gorgeous—but can a woman be swept off her feet by someone she shared orthodontist appointments with?
When a personal ad brings the two together, they realize that maybe they don’t actually know everything about each other. Discovering new sides to their personalities adds a surprising layer to their relationship. Yet when old expectations arise, they’ll have to decide if it’s better to stay in the safety of the friend-zone or jump down the rabbit hole of the unknown and risk everything for love.
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Inspired by Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, this full-length sweet/clean contemporary billionaire romance is similar to your favorite Hallmark movie and will bring a smile to your day!

My Review: 4 Stars

This installment of the Billionaire Cove series is inspired by Alice in Wonderland, but I didn't totally get the references. The quotes at the beginning of the chapters did show some of their feelings and emotions, but the plot didn't seem to follow Alice's story at all, aside from the names--Mary Alice and her parents, Lewis and Carol.

Mary Alice and Ryland have been best friends for years and their families would love for them to get together, but the stars have never aligned. The book goes back and forth between their points-of-view and I did enjoy reading about their inner thoughts and feelings. Maria Hoagland always does a great job of portraying her characters in ways that make them easier to relate to and sympathize with. Although new feelings arise, I felt the romance was on a very slow track, which is probably more natural for life-long friends, but I wanted more. 

I did think it was fun to have these two discover unknowns about each other, because sometimes when you know someone for so long, you think you know everything there is to know about them. Surprises like these are good. I also liked the Steampunk elements, which made the story unique. This is a sweet, realistic romance and I really did enjoy it.

Content: mild romance 

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