Friday, March 27, 2020

The Reunion (Love in Chaos, Book 4) by Amy Matayo {Review}

The Reunion (Love in Chaos, Book 4) by Amy Matayo
Kindle Edition, 110 pages
Published March 21st 2020 by Services LLC 
Source: I received a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are my own and were voluntarily given
It’s been quite the year for the Hayes/Gamble family, but now things are looking up. When you’ve survived a tornado, a concert shooting, and being stranded on a deserted island, what else can possibly go wrong? After all, isn’t that the rule—three strikes, and you’re out?

That should totally be the rule.

Dillon Hayes has dreamed of her wedding day since childhood. Now, after months of planning, the chapel is booked, the invitations are sent, and the dress is ready and waiting. In only a few days’ time, Dillon will become Mrs. Liam Gamble in front of God, Tennessee, and everyone she loves.

But when a rare blizzard dumps piles of snow on Nashville and the entire southern region three days before the wedding, all that planning goes up in, well…snow. Businesses close. Flights are grounded. Roads are nearly impassible. Even the chapel now has a gaping hole in the middle of the roof and a giant mound of white powder blocking the aisle.

Dillon can feel her dreams dying one by one…and there’s nothing she can do to stop it. A year filled with one mishap after another can wear a person down. But what Dillon soon discovers is this: the death of one dream isn’t necessarily the end.

Sometimes it can lead to an even better beginning.
My Review: 5 Stars

Some families have all the luck...and it might not always be the good kind. This series started with Dillon's story. The one where she was stranded on an island, and now that the series is wrapping up, the blizzard of a lifetime is threatening her dream wedding. 

I have felt such a connection to these stories and I was beyond excited to have this little gem to tie everything up. My love of the beach and of music, along with two settings of where my sister's have lived, really bonded me to these characters, but more than that, the magical way that Amy Matayo spins her tales always manages to capture every strand of emotion in my being. 

I loved beginning and ending with Dillon and in light of all that's going on the world right now, I loved the hope that permeated these pages, allowing the reader to recognize that dreams (and life) can be adaptable and rewritten in possibly new and better ways.

Content: mild romance; mild moments of peril

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