Review Policies

My reviews are solely my own opinion. I often receive ARCs, ebooks, or physical copies of books and often participate in blog tours, where I receive books from the publisher, author, or tour hosts. I will state that if this is the case. These free books in no way influences my opinion and review. I read for enjoyment and don't rate a book highly based strictly on how intellectual it is. If it makes me smile, feel good, touches a part of me, engages me to the point that I don't want to put it down, or causes me to think about it all the time, then I give it a high rating.

**As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.**

What I like:
My favorite books are clean romance, contemporary fiction, YA, and religious fiction (including Amish, Christian, LDS), with some mysteries, historical fiction, and children's books. I will on rare occasion read some fantasy, middle grade, or self help. The middle grade and fantasy books are usually books I read aloud with my kids, so they take me awhile to get through and I don't read very many each year.

Requesting a Review:
My blog has really grown and it's not possible anymore for me to accept every review request that comes my way, as much as I would like to. I am now scheduling reviews about four months out and will only be able to accept one or two books a month from an author new to me. If I am interested in your book, I will reply back. Please make sure your book is a good fit for my blog before requesting me to review it. If there are mature adult themes, extreme language, graphic violence, or sexual scenes as described below, I will not give it a good review or rating.  I review the books I read honestly and my intention is not to hurt the rating of a book or the credibility of an author just because it's something that is offensive to me. With that in mind, please note that out of respect to authors and publishers, if I am not able to finish a book or give it a 3 or higher rating, I am under no obligation to post a review. If I am unable to review it due to scheduling or if you'd like the publicity sooner, I would be happy to do a spotlight or guest post, if it is clean.

I try to include a content warning with all of my reviews so that a reader can decide if this book is appropriate for him/her. I understand that everyone has a different idea of what clean is and that's why I include an account of what to expect. I prefer only books with clean content. For me, that means:
  • no extreme swearing (especially the "F" word) 
  • no sexual scenes, including anything explicit, detailed nudity, groping, graphic French kissing, and graphic foreplay (keep anything more than kissing behind closed doors, please). Kissing is great!
  • no descriptive, mature, adult content
  • no descriptive or excessive alcohol/drug use
  • no extreme violence, abuse, or gore 
Content Ratings:

  • Squeaky Clean--No romance or mild kissing only with very little description. 
  • Clean--Romance, but not explicit. Kissing that focusing on feelings and emotions, not physical descriptions.
  • Moderately Clean--Romance, but not explicit. Mild/Moderate innuendo, more descriptive kissing, and passionate kissing. Any lovemaking is alluded to with no details.
  • Spicy Clean--Romance, but any love making is behind closed doors. A little more detailed and graphic in descriptions of innuendo, kissing, or touching. These are not my favorite, but this is my own personal opinion.
  • Mild--a few swear words, such as those old time farmer words (D and H)
  • Moderate--a lot of swearing and a variety of words used
  • Heavy--extreme swearing, with variety, and offensive
  • Mild--none to very little, not descriptive
  • Moderate--more detailed violence, but not graphic
  • Heavy--a lot, very graphic and detailed
  • Mild--none to very little preaching, Christian characters, and few religious elements
  • Moderate--more focus on religious themes, more religious elements, more preaching
  • Heavy--the main focus is religion, a lot of religious references, a lot of praying and scripture recitations


  1. Hi Katie! I would love it if you were to review my humorous cozy mystery, "The Serenity Stone Murder." It's about two middle-aged church ladies who get embroiled in trying to find out who killed the manager of the Thunder Bay Charity Casino.
    I am a Thunder Bay-based writer with credits in Reader's Digest, Canadian Living and numerous literary and denominational publications. "The Serenity Stone Murder" is my fourth book. You can find out more about me at
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Marianne Jones

  2. Hi Katie. My new book, "The Dragons of Alsace Farm" sounds like a great fit for your preferences. Two emotionally battered young people land on the ramshackle farm of an 82-Y-O WWII survivor with dementia. They come to help Agnes, but despite all Agnes has lost, she still has much to teach them about courage and love. It has a romance thread that's clean with a hint of passion. This is my eighth novel. It's inspired by our family's experience with a loved-one with dementia. Thank you for considering my request. Laurie L.C. Lewis

  3. Hello

    I'm working with Heather Blanton at her site She has a novella coming out September/October 2016 and I am trying to get the word out with bloggers that would be interested in hosting her for a Q&A or guest post.

    I am also trying to set up some book reviewers to read her novella, entitled Ask Me to Marry You, a MALE-Order Bride Story. I would have pdf files available soon but nothing else is out yet.

    Here is her Amazon site:

    If you are interested, please let me know THANK YOU!

    Diane Estrella

  4. Hi, I would love to submit my clean small town romance, Harvest Blessings, for your review. I would be happy to gift you a Kindle copy of it if you are interested. This is the link to it on Amazon:
    Thank you for your consideration.

  5. Just wanted to add my email for contact is Thanks!

  6. Hi, Katie,
    Would you be interested in reviewing my young-adult novel (romance/humor), Someone Like Him? If so, I could send you a PDF copy.
    City girl, country guy. Will opposites attract—or clash?

    When New-York-City girl Emily visits her cousin Janelle in Oregon, Emily wonders how she'll survive the wilderness. Janelle wonders if the wilderness will survive Emily's visit—and if she can convince her cousin to help save part of an old-growth forest.

    Meanwhile, Emily also wonders if a big-city girl can get along with a county guy—named Bret. Under forest canopies and by crystal-clear waters she struggles with her growing attraction to him. But they're so different. Whoever thought she'd fall for someone like him?
    Thanks for your time and attention!
    Best, Ann

  7. Hi Katie!

    I think you'll like my clean YA Contemporary Romance as it's about two juniors falling in love in South Florida. The book begins at the beach, where the young man rescues her from the riptide she steps into.

    Here is the blurb:

    Junior year has been tough on Thalía Reynari.
    A new high school, trying to fit in with new friends, schoolwork, family commitments. With everything going on in her life, Thalía could use a break, an adventure.
    So when Thalía meets Christopher, the most gorgeous guy in town, her life should change for the better, right?
    Don’t bet on it.
    Thalía’s conservative parents insist she’s too young to date. Plus, Thalía and Christopher find themselves caught in the middle of a simmering feud that’s kept the two families apart for a decade. And no one is sure if young love will be enough to bridge this divide.
    As they hide their relationship behind masks they must decide if this new love is worth losing their parents’ approval.

    The following are short quotes from three of my beta readers:

    “A classy, beautifully written novel... Great achievement for this author's first novel.” Vivan Towers, author of Shui Gui

    “Audrey Rich has written the perfect romance for the awkward teen in all of us. Full of longing, honesty, and hope, Masquerading Our Love is a satisfying and delightful read.” Liwen Ho, International Bestselling Author of Kisses, Kids and Bundles of Joy.

    “This is a sweet story about two teenage students, Thalía and Christopher. Thalia has had a crush on Christopher for months. When he's the one to rescue her when her boat capsizes you can't help but hope that her affection are returned.” CeeCee James, author of Wrecked and Yours

    I would love it if you could review it and I don't mind being placed on your long TBR list. My debut novel will be published as a paperback by the end of October and the ebook should follow about two to three weeks later.

    BTW I love chocolate as well.

    Thank you for the opportunity to share my book with you.

    Best regards,
    Audrey Rich

  8. Katie, Hi

    I don't think that I'm your typical author/subscriber. For one thing, I'm male. Bless all the female book bloggers, for without them we'd have very few.
    I write contemporary mystery/suspense set in the rural Ozarks.
    Of course, I would be interested in having you review one of my novels.
    I'm not sure that my novels fall within your preference guidelines, however. I think they do.
    Here is a Goodreads blog article of mime that may give you a sense of my feelings about handling fictional violence, sex, and language.
    I send it in hopes that you will consent to reviewing a book of mine.
    Cheap Fixes—And Tiresome Writing
    The art of writing is actually attempted communication between alien worlds. Let me explain. No two people have the exact same mental “picture” for a word, much less a whole sentence. We are pattern finding beings. It’s what we do. We find sense in sensation. We connect the dots. We evaluate the now in the light of our past experiences. As writers, we must know that the reader will interpret our words and descriptions not by our conceptions, but by his.

    Now there are two ways a fiction writer can go about his job. He can be very detailed in his descriptions in order to leave his reader no room for interpretation. Or he can paint using broader brush strokes, merely suggesting the details in a way that encourages the reader to produce his own picture (a sort of a Gestalt). I believe that the most effective way to engage the reader is to leave the fine details up to him. If a horrific crime must be described, it is more personal and vivid if the reader uses his own experience to immerse himself in the scene.

    For this reason, I forgo graphic descriptions of violence and explicit sex scenes. Leaving hints of unspeakable horror and unfathomable rapture allows the reader to tap into his own nightmare demons and intimate fantasies. That is when the communication we seek occurs. Without it, the writer can only slap together sickening mayhem, cheapened eroticism, and unimaginative profanities to produce something that very quickly becomes tiresome and not at all engaging.

    Thank you for your patience if you waded through all that.

    Regards, AR SIMMONS

  9. Hello, my name is Chelsea Curran. I’m an author for Cedar Fort Publishing and I’m releasing my first LDS romance novel “Unseen Road to Love” on April 11th. I’m very impressed with your site and would like to personally ask you to join my blog tour! It officially starts April 17th and runs until the 30th. As of now, all dates are flexible and I’d be honored to have your review. For verification, you may contact Vikki Downs at, and for a free copy of the book. Thank you so much for your consideration.
    ~ Chelsea Curran

  10. Hi Katie,

    My new book, STEALING LIBERTY, published by Clean Reads Books, is coming out in e-book form in June. Here's what it's about:

    A heist so monumental, it may cost them everything...
    When Reed Paine is sent to a secret detention school for teens whose parents are branded enemies of the state, he doesn’t expect to find friendship – especially after coming face to face with Riley Paca, a girl who has every reason to hate him.

    But when Reed, Riley and a few others start reading the old books they find in tunnels under the school, they begin to question what they are taught about the last days of America and the government that has risen in its place.

    Then the government decides to sell the Liberty Bell and Reed and his friends risk everything to steal it – to take back their history and the liberty that has been stolen from them (Stealing Liberty/Clean Reads).

    If you are interested, please let me know and I'll send an ARC right away. I understand that you are booked out several months after my release date, but hope that a review may coincide with the print release (still TBD).

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Jennifer, would you mind sending me a message through the Blogger Contact Form so that I can get in touch with you?

    2. Hi Katie. Sorry for the late reply. I think I failed to turn on the notification feature. :/ I sent you a message through the contact form yesterday. Stealing Liberty just came out in print in October.

  11. Katie,

    Where do we find the
    "Blogger Contact Form"?


    1. On the right side bar. It's labeled "Contact Form."

  12. Hi Katie, hope you're doing well.
    I found your name from the amazon hall of fame reviewers. I was hoping you would consider reviewing my book.
    Over the last year I've released three books on amazon, they are a part of the Y/A sci-fi adventure series I've been working on titled - keepers of the light.

    One of the most important things to an author are the reviews and how much the reader enjoys the story.

    May I send you a free copy of my book to read?
    All I ask is that you leave your honest feedback/thoughts as a customer review on amazon.

    Let me know what you think, and if you have any questions.
    You can reach me at
    Thanks so much!
    Emilia Evans

  13. Hi, Katie!

    Wow, you are a busy woman! I'm going to add my book to your ever-growing list and hope for the best. Lol! It's a sweet and clean contemporary romance titled Her Rebellious Billionaire. It's a second chance romance set on the beautiful island of Maui. I would be happy to send you a free copy in exchange for an honest review. Here's the link and the blurb. Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks, Shantal Sessions

    Feisty Cat Cortez throws herself into building her family’s new landscaping business after the guy she thought was her soul mate walked out. Desperate to get over him, she hopes to plant something new in her life where love once bloomed. Just when she thinks she’s salvaged what was left of her broken heart, he careens back into her life...

    Bad boy Dan Rhees has spent his entire life chasing adventure. Growing up on Maui made that an easy pursuit. Tired of his billionaire father dictating his life and threatening to disown him, Dan rebelled and joined the Army. It was the perfect escape until he realized that he’d left Cat, his best friend and soul mate, heartbroken.

    Dan comes home from the Army a changed man, determined to win her back. Now the manager of a landscaping crew at a luxury resort, Cat is one of the first he hopes to enlist. Will working together at Maui’s newest resort turn an old wound into a new love, cause electricity to sizzle between them once again, and give them a happily ever after?

    Her Rebellious Billionaire is the first book in the Sweet Bucket List Romance series by Shantal Sessions, all set in exotic “bucket list” locations. A clean romance and characters that sizzle with attraction, the plot unfolds in beautiful Maui in this stand-alone HEA beach read.

  14. Hi Katie,

    I am writing to ask if you would consider reviewing my contemporary romance novel, RIGHT FOR ME, released 8/13/19 by Red Adept Publishing. I read your review guidelines, and I feel my book would be a good fit for you.

    To answer your questions from above, I would consider my novel moderately clean (sex off the page / fade to black), mild language (nothing cringeworthy), no violence, and mild religion (Main male character is a preacher's kid).

    I have included the book description, as well as links to the Amazon and Goodreads pages. On behalf of my publisher, I would be happy to send you a digital copy of the novel at no charge. A review at any date would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you for your consideration!
    Cindy Dorminy
    twitter: @cindydorminy
    facebook: @authordorminy
    Instagram: @dorminycindy
    Cindy Dorminy
    Twitter: @cindydorminy
    Facebook: @authordorminy
    Instagram: dorminycindy



    Back cover content:

    Shelby Williams has never had a boyfriend worthy of her parents’ approval. The ones she dated were either not rich enough, not well bred enough, or just not good enough. Her luck changes when she meets Tommy Edwards. With an IQ of about a billion, a sexy smile, and a personality as sweet as the treats he bakes, he’s a guy even her parents will have to accept.

    Between the pressure of graduate school and a needy ex-girlfriend, Tommy Edwards has had enough stress to last a lifetime. But when he meets Shelby, his plans to stay unattached go up in smoke. Shelby makes him laugh, and the passion she stirs in him is hotter than an oven. She’s the only girl he’s ever met who likes him for who he is rather than just for his intelligence.

    When Shelby’s parents take a shine to Tommy, she blurts out that they are engaged, even though they’ve only been dating for three weeks. Tommy is furious, but before she can set everyone straight, both families go into full-blown nuptial mode, including hiring a wedding planner and shopping for a dress. Tommy and Shelby need to figure out how to tell their families the engagement was fake without ruining what’s real.