Friday, May 3, 2013

Book Review: Luck of the Draw by Rachael Renee Anderson

Brighton Andrews makes a laundry bet with a roommate--he must ask a girl and two of her roommates out on two dates without any of them knowing that he's dating them all. If he succeeds, his laundry will be done for a month. He asks a girl from the library out and then literally runs into her roommate, who shoots him down. This does take place at BYU-Idaho, but isn't preachy and religion is a very minor part. I really like the writing style of Rachael Renee Anderson. The story flows and engages the reader. This book is a lot of fun and the characters are very entertaining. It almost felt like it was written in two parts, the bet and the aftermath, I've actually read this novel twice now. The first time (about 2.5 years ago), I loved it, but the second time through was even more fun for me. I wondered HOW in the world the three girls could really be dumb enough not to realize what Brighton/Andy/Jeff was doing!! And how he could be dumb enough not to realize they are girls, and girls talk, and they would all somehow NOT find out. In reality, is a college student who is desperate to get out of doing his laundry going to think about that? It's seems that most often, teens and early adults only think of the here and now and not what the consequences of their actions will be. He didn't expect to ever see any of them again after two dates each, so really, what did he have to lose? The bet could have been so much worse, so it really was a fun, clean chick-lit read! Sometimes a story is so focused on the main characters that we seem to lose the secondary ones. I thought the Nana was a great addition and I loved the way the reader really got to know her in such a short amount of time and how she was indirectly such a big part of wrapping the story up. ****-4 stars.

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