Thursday, May 9, 2013

Book Review: Revenge of the Girl With the Great Personality by Elizabeth Eulberg

Lexi is a teen with a pageant-obsessed mom, a spoiled brat of a little sister, and a semi-absent dad. Her mom spends money they don't have on her little sister's beauty pageants and causes Lexi some anxiety. She kind of compensates by not dressing up; not wearing makeup; not doing her hair. Her best friends, Benny and Cam, are the best support she could have. Everyone loves Lexi--because she's got a great personality. Which, in code words (to Lexi, anyway) are words of social death.
When Benny dares her to dress up, she rises to the challenge and her life changes--but maybe not for the best.

 I felt so sorry for Lexi!! Her mom was mean and almost neglectful. She definitely seemed to be living her life through her younger daughter. Lexi had to grow up faster than she should have had to.

I liked Cam and Benny, but would have liked Cam to be a bit more developed--to see more of her. Logan was a great friend, but I didn't think he was really consistent.

I did enjoy how quickly Lexi matured, realizing what is really important. Fun, crazy, emotional story.

Content: some language; a party with drunk teens and some innuendo; mild kissing; boy coming out, but no graphic details.

****--4 stars.

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