Thursday, June 20, 2013

Book Review: Band of Sisters: Coming Home by Annette Lyon

****--4 stars.
Five women became fast friends when their husbands were deployed to Afghanistan. But as they welcome the soldiers home, what should be a joyful time soon becomes painful. Kim, who had a baby while her husband was away, knows how to be a mother but has forgotten how to be a wife. Nora, accustomed to taking care of herself during the long years of her husband’s absence, resents having to forfeit her independence. Jess’s already troubled marriage turns dangerous, while Brenda struggles to manage her husband’s psychological trauma. And Marianne faces her crushing loss, compounded with worry over wayward children. Each woman must draw upon her bond of friendship and faith to find the strength, courage, and insight needed to move forward, proving that even the hardest of trials cannot break this loyal band of sisters.

My Review: I had no idea what women go through when their husbands re-enter life after military service. This story continues on with the five women from the first book and how they adjusted to this new phase of life. I think about every typical situation was covered. I loved the unlikely bond that these women formed, becoming as close as sisters, supporting one another in their times of need. Very powerfully written. I loved feeling that closure of the men coming home. I'm so grateful for those who are willing to serve and protect our country and for the women who are left home, holding things together. They all make sacrifices for us. To purchase, click here .

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