Thursday, June 13, 2013

Book Review: Kiss in the Dark by Marcia Lynn McClure

*****--5 Stars!!
Publication: December 2010
250 pages

Excerpt (from Goodreads):
“Boston,” he mumbled. “I mean…Logan…he’s like the man of my dreams! Why would I blow it? What if…” Boston continued to babble. “Boston,” he said. The commanding sound of his voice caused Boston to cease in her prattling and look to him. “What?” she asked, somewhat grateful he’d interrupted her panic attack. He frowned and shook his head. “Shut up,” he said. “You’re all worked up about nothing.” He reached out, slipping one hand beneath her hair to the back of her neck. Boston was so startled by his touch, she couldn’t speak—she could only stare up into his mesmerizing green eyes. His hand was strong and warm, powerful and reassuring. “If it freaks you out so much…just kiss in the dark,” he said. Boston watched as Vance put the heel of his free hand to the light switch. In an instant the room went black.

My Review:
I've read this one a couple of times and have loved it!! Marcia is an amazing writer. Her books really come to life and the characters seem so real, probably because she infuses them with so much of her own personal experiences and uses characteristics of those close to her. Another thing that I love about Marcia is that she is able to write so many different genres and do them all so well. This is one of her contemporary stories.

Boston has a "poisonous" friend and roommate and she has had enough. This roomie, Stephanie, was quite a crazy!! Her best friend's brother, Vance, is temporarily living with her, so once he leaves, Boston can move in. But...he's a hero and makes it possible for her to do so earlier than planned so she can escape Stephanie.

There a several things that I really loved about this story. I think everyone has had a poisonous friend--someone who brings us down--so it's easy to relate. I also loved how sweet Boston is. She can't say no and wants the best for everyone. She feels guilt about things when she shouldn't. She tries and tries to help this friend. Vance was a great "hero"--not perfect, but perfect for her. He was kind of rough around the edges, but still such a manly man.

This group of friends would get together for parties quite regularly. Those party games sure took me back to my high school days. Fun! And last, but not least, I'm really craving a chocolate Tootsie pop now. :)

Content: kissing and some mild language.

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