Monday, June 17, 2013

Book Review: Someone To Watch Over Me by Taylor Michaels

****--4 stars. Which is harder, trusting someone with your heart or your life? Morgan Kennedy is a woman with responsibilities, a lot of them. Since her father’s heart attack she’s taken over the management of the family’s jewelry store and upcoming annual charitable fundraiser. Still feeling the sting from a recent breakup, she has buried herself in work and is unaware that someone has been following her. When an accidental encounter causes her stalker to emerge from the shadows, she needs a bodyguard. Shawn Randall fled Los Angeles and a career providing protection for the rich and famous to start again in Phoenix. He’s seen it all and has one unbreakable rule; never get emotionally involved with a client. Learning that lesson almost cost him all he held dear. However, this assignment may deliver more than he’s bargained for. Protecting Morgan may be the easy part safe guarding his heart just may turn out to be the toughest assignment he’s ever had.
My Review: Someone to Watch Over Me is a fast-paced story of a busy girl, Morgan, who suddenly finds herself being stalked and in need of a bodyguard. Shawn is used to protecting the rich and famous, but has had enough of that life and starts up a security company in AZ with a buddy. Although he's used to providing security now, he's willing to do a favor for a friend.

Morgan is a girl with some backbone, even though she seems to panic occasionally. Who wouldn't, with a crazy guy threatening you?? I would personally want to hide out until the guy gets caught, but since she has taken over her family's jewelry business and is in the midst of putting on a fundraising show, she can't and won't do that. Shawn takes his job very seriously and because of the past, he tries so hard to resist his attraction to Morgan. He is an all-around good guy. I like their connection and how well they work together. The suspense was good, with some twists and turns. I would have liked to have a little background on how this guy came to know Morgan.

Now for one little tip: I know some people are sticklers on editing. I did come across some places where there were misspellings, no punctuation, and a little confusion on a guy's name--is it Frankie or Frank? But don't let that turn you off, because if you look past all that, it really is a good, suspenseful story.

Content: some language, some violence (nothing too graphic), some kissing.

**I won this on a goodreads giveaway and that in no way influenced my review.** To purchase, click here.

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