Monday, June 10, 2013

Book Review: Untethered by Marcia Lynn McClure

*****--5 Stars.
Amazon Blurb: A man tethered by pain and guilt borne of past tragedy, A young woman with the soul of a guardian angel, And an unspeakable evil about to be unleashed. As Cricket lay in the soft comfort of her bed, continuing to let her mind nest on thoughts of how truly wonderfully attractive Texas Ranger Thibodaux was, she giggled, thinking that looking at him was more refreshing than swimming naked on a summer Sunday afternoon. He was a tall drink of water—far taller than most of the other men in town—and his shoulders were as broad as the state of Texas itself. Sky-blue eyes, bronze skin, square jaw, and dark hair—and that smile! In truth, Cricket had only seen Heathro Thibodaux smile three or four times, but each incidence was something she’d never forget. His smile was bright and white, and the gold tooth he owned on the upper-right incisor of his smile only embellished the richness of it. That one tooth. Cricket’s smile faded as she thought of it. Oh, no doubt the flash only added to the splendor of his smile. Yet it also served as a reminder to anyone who had ever read or heard of what had happened in Texas one year before. No doubt it was a powerful remembrance to Heathro Thibodaux himself—a visual indication of true barbarity, pain, and loss. In that moment, Cricket wondered—when Heathro looked in the mirror each morning and saw that tooth, did he think of eight dead girls buried in the bottom of a bleak and barren canyon? Did he think of the eight dead girls that he, for no fault of his own, had been unable to save?

My Review: Magnolia (aka Cricket) is always jumping in bare feet first into mischief. She and her three good friends are the secret do-gooders--always on the lookout for someone who needs a little extra something special, but in their innocence, they don't always keep an eye out for trouble. Heathro (Heath) is a Texas Ranger who just endure a tragedy. He is such a hero though! When Cricket and a few other girls are kidnapped for ill intent, Heath is on the move, trying to rescue them before something bad can happen. I love how spunky and innocent Cricket is. She's such a good friend and a natural-born leader. Heath seems to battle within himself to allow himself happiness, but he's a great hero and asset to the community. I loved the corn scene. :) A totally fun Western romance that I already can't wait to read again!!

Marcia's book are all about the kissing. They don't go beyond that and they are so sweet.

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