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The Problem Child (Book 3 of the Sisters Grimm Series) by Michael Buckley

****--4 Stars
April 22, 2011 8 and up 3 and up
 From Amazon: In book three of the series, Sabrina and Daphne Grimm tackle their most important mystery: Who kidnapped their parents more than a year ago? Sabrina enters the hideout of the Scarlet Hand, the sinister group of Everafters who are keeping her parents prisoner. She has a chance to rescue her mom and dad but is foiled by the most famous fairy-tale character in the world. With the help of her little sister (who might be tougher than Sabrina realizes) and a long-lost relative, Sabrina finds a powerful weapon for fighting her enemies, and discovers that magic has a high price.
Series Order:
1--The Fairy Tale Detectives
2--The Unusual Suspects
3--The Problem Child
4--Once Upon A Crime
5--Magic and Other Misdemeanors
6--Tales From the Hood
7--The Everafter War
8--The Inside Story
9--The Council of Mirrors

My Review: I read this book aloud to my kids, since my son's teacher had read the first couple to their class and he liked that. They really enjoy this series and I think these books really cater to a child's imagination. I haven't read the first two books, but didn't feel too lost. The author mentions some of the back story in a few different places, but it was in a sentence or two and not recapping the whole entire series thus far.

Sabrina and her sister, Daphne, are on the search for their missing parents and have to fight off Red Riding Hood and her "kitty." They also discover an uncle--one they never knew they had--and his introduces them to a whole new world--magic. Magic is powerful and to try and not let it rule ones life if tougher than it seems.

I thought it was fun that these young girls were able to have so many adventures. Realistically, I doubt they would really be able to pull of the things they did, but I think it's great for kids to imagine that someone their own ages could have experiences like this. 
A fun series that we will keep reading.
Content: some fantasy-type violence.

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