Saturday, July 6, 2013

Book Review: Falling for the Boss by Erica Matthews

****--4 Stars
Publication: June 2013
Length: 179 pages

Book Description (from amazon): Maggie Pelham did something very silly; she fell in love with a house. Since buying the five-story mansion in Charleston’s historic district isn’t remotely possible, Maggie settles for working there.

Into this nearly perfect situation comes Marcus Seymour, an admittedly attractive, but cynical attorney with an eye for a good investment. His purchase of Bradford House brings Maggie into the orbit of a seasoned womanizer.

Her disdain is immediate and heartfelt. But will it last? Will her dislike survive Marcus’ unique blend of sarcastic wit and charm, a manner wickedly flirtatious one minute and aloof the next? Will she be able to continue to ignore the words of a man who knows just what to say and more disturbing, knows just what to do?

My Review: I'm always on the lookout for a fun story and this one fit the bill. It was also a *clean* romance and I really appreciate that as a reader. I really liked the aspect of an engagement of convenience.

Maggie is a naive young lady with her head in the clouds. I so much prefer that to a cynical woman. She has a jealous streak, which made her a fun character--not perfect. I felt that Maggie was a real character because she had feelings about herself that a lot of women have--insecurity, not seeing herself as others see her, kind, loyal, etc.

Marcus is a big jerk at first. I thought he was so rude to treat Maggie the way he did and then steal a kiss. I thought, "What?! Who does he think he is?!" However, I grew to like him the more I got to know him. I guess he's just one of those people who doesn't make a good first impression, but proves that things aren't always as they seem. One thing I noted about him--he seemed a lot older than Maggie and although he was, I think he seemed so because of the words he used. He came across as being very educated and...old.

I thought their relationship happened kind of suddenly, especially considering how he treated her, but once it started, it was a fun journey.

Content: clean!!

**I received a copy for review and this didn't influence my opinion at all**
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