Thursday, July 4, 2013

Book Review Flashback: Trixie Belden series

I was just reminiscing about my younger years and I remember I went through a phase every summer for a couple of years where I loved to read and re-read the Trixie Belden series. I believe I was about 10 when I read them for the first time and I even re-read some of them just a few years ago. I remember I really, really wanted Brian (Trixie's older brother) and Honey (her BFF) to get together and I wanted Jim (Honey's adopted brother) and Trixie to fall in love. I think it was about then when I realized that I'm a romantic at heart.

I have such fond memories of this series. In this first book, there is a mansion just down the street from Trixie's modest farmhouse and a new millionaire family moves in and suddenly, Trixie has all sorts of mysteries to solve and adventures to go on. I used to wish I could go on adventures such as these.

They are perfect for middle grade readers, even if they might be a little old fashioned. For me, that's a very nostalgic feeling and I love it!!

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