Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Book Review: Miss Grimsley's Oxford Career by Carla Kelly

*****--5 Stars!!

Blurb: Beautiful and brilliant Miss Ellen Grimsley considers it a scandal that she---a female---cannot attend Oxford while her dunderhead brother can. That's why she dons his robes to do his work for him. But when a handsome lord learns Ellen's secret, he decides to teach her a lesson of his own. This delightful period romance will earn top marks from readers everywhere!

My Review:  I was completely enchanted by this novel!! I love the way Ms. Kelly words her stories. The characters come to life and jump off the pages. I could envision Ellen, with her slightly snooty attitude, verbally attacking Jim...and her dunderhead brother, Gordon. I could picture Jim, with his slightly messy appearance and love of bantering. Even Gordon was a vivid picture in my mind. I wanted to slap him silly for being such an awful brother, only intent upon squeaky by no matter what the cost. Better yet, I wanted to slap Ellen to wake her up. I think she secretly enjoyed bailing him out time and again. However, I especially loved her attitude towards the Dragon and Fanny. She could have blown up, but chose to turn the other cheek and deal with her consequences.

I loved the gradual path the romance took. Ellen wondered what feelings she was really feeling and I loved watching her work through things. Ellen was a lady ahead of her times and was a very brave pioneer for equality of women in the education system.

This has got to be one of my favorites of Ms. Kelly's so far. I hope they all get reprinted.

Content: talk of gambling and drinking; maybe a cuss word or two; overall clean.

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