Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Book Review: Someone Else's Fairytale by E.M. Tippetts

****--4 Stars.
 My Review: Chloe is college student in Albuquerque who had a rough upbringing, but her life changes when she, her roommate, and her best friend, Matthew, were extras on the set of a movie. Big-time actor, Jason, notices her and they become friends. Too bad Chloe feels like this should be someone else's fairytale and not hers. She doesn't get caught up in all the Hollywood stuff--she thinks his life is weird.

Chloe is a strong young woman who has very high morals. She goes through a difficult trial and overcomes it, but she doesn't seem to show a lot of emotion through it all. At first, I liked both Matthew and Jason a lot. It almost felt like it should be a love triangle, but one of those where you don't know which guy to cheer on. Jason, although so famous and fake-looking, is really down-to-earth. He's definitely not what he seems.

Some of the content was a little edgy (but not over the edge)--talk about sex (especially how Matthew and Chloe are abstaining and how Jason is a man influenced by fame and hasn't). With no real details given, it could be considered clean for an adult reader.

Overall, who hasn't had the dream of some famous guy falling for you, whether or not you think of him as a friend...or more? It was a fun escape book and was entertaining.

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