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Blog Tour $25 Giveaway and My Review of Twisted by KayCee R

twisted Twisted Cayden Rivers wants nothing more than to be normal, but we don’t always get what we want. For years he has been hiding a secret, afraid of being labeled a “freak”. Every day he goes to school, plays football, spends time with his girlfriend, and helps carry his drunken adopted father to bed. Nobody knows the truth about his unnatural speed and strength, including his life-long friend Camilla. Suddenly, four strangers enter Cayden’s life, and not only do they know his secret, they also have one of their own. With their help, Cayden discovers there is more to his power, something much more dangerous. Something other people will kill to possess. Camilla wishes her parents were around more. She gets lonely sleeping in her big empty house night after night. Sure, she has all the money she could ever need, but the only person who is there for her is Cayden. He has his own family and a girlfriend who takes up most of his time, so Camilla knows he won’t be there for her forever, and recently he’s been acting really strange. Will Cayden be able to keep his secret and his friendship with Camilla, or will his new found power destroy everything, including his own life? Switching between Cayden and Camilla's point of view, Twisted will leave you aching for more.  
  kayceeKayCee R KayCee is a 24 year old self-published author from Cleveland, Ohio. KayCee has always loved reading. After a re-occurring dream she decided to try writing about it. She wrote the first installment of Twisted when she was 20. “I kept having this dream about these twins, and then I just decided to run with it. I wrote the beginning, the end, and then filled in the middle.” KayCee finished the book in 8 months and then decided to share the book online. After seeing people get interested in the book and the characters, she decided to write another book and turn Twisted into a series. KayCee has finished four novels in the Twisted series and is currently working on the fifth book.
Tour Giveaway $25 Amazon Gift Card or Paypal Cash Ends 11/4/13 a Rafflecopter giveaway   KayCee R – Twisted Excerpts - Choose your favorite I pushed the guy’s weight off me so I could get up to see if Dom caught the ball, but I stopped short when I looked up at who had tackled me. It was… me? I must have hit my head. Hard. I heard cheers roaring, but they felt like they were coming from far away. That I was watching from a distance, even though I was there on the field.

My Review: ***1/2 Stars.
There are some books that I have a really hard time rating, and this is one of them. Sometimes it's hard to determine if things bother me because of my own beliefs or if it's something else. I'm going to get the ugly out of the way. First of all, I am not a fan of swearing--I can overlook a few of the milder words, but this one had a lot of swearing--no f-bombs, but about everything else and a lot of it. Secondly, I love a good, clean romance, and while this one stayed clean, I felt like some boundaries were brushed upon. I'm also not a fan of a boy staying over at a girl's house (for multiple nights--in the same bed), even if nothing happens, especially when both are teens. And last of all, I'm not a big fan of teens getting drunk and wasted and all that, especially considering how the father is pretty much a drunk.

Okay...that said, I really loved the premise of this book. I thought it was fun and entertaining and it was a technically clean story, which is a plus for me!!

I thought that Cayden was really amazing. He seemed so mature for a high school student, learning lessons in responsibility and self-control and what it means to be a true friend. I loved how he tried to use, but not misuse his abilities and how he tried so hard to protect those who were important to him. He was a little clueless in the romantic department though--not really following his heart.

Cam was such a strong girl. My heart broke a little for her, thinking about her spending Christmas and her birthday alone. I can't imagine why her parents made no time for her. She was pretty impressive and brave.

If you're someone who can overlook the content I mentioned above, then check this one out, because it really was a fun book about a great guy with some cool friends and some awesome powers.

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