Saturday, October 26, 2013

Book Review: Reunions are Murder by Sharon Landis

Publication: October 2013
Length: 206 pages
Source: kindle ebook
My Rating: 3.5 Stars.

Amazon Description:
Brad Michaels is an attorney returning home to attend his high school class reunion. He wants to reconnect with former friends and see what everyone has made of their lives; but most of all he wants to see his high school sweetheart, Sara Waters. Has she changed? Where does she live? And most importantly is she married? All of these questions occupy his mind and make him wonder about the decision he made to leave all of it behind when he left home for college. Everything changes at the reunion when a gunshot rings out in the night.
Suddenly Brad and Police detective Sara Waters find themselves on opposite sides of the situation when Brad is discovered kneeling over the dead body of their classmate, Clifford Hansen, holding the murder weapon. With a reunion full of suspects (not to mention the people who would want Clifford dead because of his previous work dealings), can Brad and Sara finally reconnect? Their path is littered with lost love, a stalker, and revenge.

My Review:
I know this author and the cover illustrator!! How fun is that? I really enjoyed the mystery of the story and the relationships. There was plenty of *clean* romance to go along with the investigations. I loved how the story had flashbacks to high school; those flashbacks really helped me understand the characters and the reasons behind their actions and choices. I found myself getting caught up in the story and trying to figure out who was behind it all and why. I also loved the ending. It wraps things up, but also leaves things open for the next book.

I liked Sara--she was someone to admire in high school and even though she was very driven and detached at times as an adult, she was the kind of person everyone wants to have as a friend.

I had just two issues with the story, and they're probably just my own personal views. There are a lot of punctuation errors and there weren't many contractions. Maybe it's just the way I speak, but I like the dialogue to feel natural it didn't always feel that way, especially when the characters were teenagers.

That aside, I really liked the storyline and the characters were great! The romance was just right for the mystery and I look forward to more by this author.

Content: murder--no details; child neglect/abuse--not graphic; kissing. Clean!!

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