Thursday, November 14, 2013

Book Review: Camp Boyfriend by J.K. Rock

Publication: July 2013
Length: 339 pages
My Rating: ****--4 Stars
My Source: borrowed from the library
Amazon Description:
Lauren Carlson thought she was ready to take her relationship with Seth, her long time camp boyfriend to year-round status. Especially when her school boyfriend, Matt, doesn't seem to understand the real her. But when Matt's life hits a snag, Lauren can't turn her back on a friend. Lauren's heart is torn, forcing her to see herself, her friends and her whole life differently in one unforgettable summer.
My Review: 
This story was full of emotion. Once again, it was easy to relate to Lauren. I remember having a boyfriend once and wanted to break up with him, but then he ended up in the hospital with a burst appendix.  How do you break up with someone when he's going through such a rough patch? Lauren was completely torn between these two great guys and she was also torn in trying to figure out who she really is. I think most teens go through that dilemma--trying to figure out if you're who you are because that's what's expected of you or because that's who you really are. Unfortunately, Lauren had to deal with all of this while at camp, making it a less than desirable experience. 
I had a hard time with deciding which guy to root for in this book. I read the Camp Kiss novella first and totally fell for Seth. He was great!! He seemed to be the whole package--a great friend, a confident guy, and a natural leader. Seth and Lauren have known each other for so long, so how could she not choose him?! There ended up being a lot more to Matt than I had originally thought, so how could she not pick him?! He was awesome!!  
Teen girls can be so catty and it was hard to see Lauren having to work through all of these issues, yet I love what she finally realized and figured out. Great lessons were found within the pages of this book.

Content: kissing; some swearing; one scene that pushed the limits a little, but didn't cross the line; talk of being intimate, but deciding to wait (good lesson).

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