Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Christmas Star by Diane Darcy

Publication: November 2013
Length: approximately 80 pages
My Source: ebook from Amazon
My Rating: ****--4 Stars

Tis the Season
When an old woman makes a wish upon a Christmas star, miracles start to happen. A manipulative angel and a zany Christmas season are exactly what it takes to get Jason and Elise in the same vicinity again. But can they forgive each other and forget old resentments and hurts? Well, Christmas is a perfect time for miracles. Throw in the hunt for the perfect tree, a sledding competition and a desperate-for-grandchildren mother, and you have the perfect recipe

My Review: 
What a sweet little holiday treat! I wish it would have been longer, but the story was still told in a way that didn't leave me wanting. It was just so cute that I didn't want it to end.

I loved how the wish was made and then things just fell into place and happened. The characters were clueless, but it really was meant to be. I really enjoyed the message of forgiveness and acceptance. More often than not, you have to be the bigger person and say "I'm sorry" first and when Elise did that, even though she really didn't mean to, it got the ball rolling for many Christmas miracles.

I could understand how hurt Elise was and when too much time passes, sometimes pride gets in the way and makes it harder to move forward. I think that happens all too often in life and I really loved seeing her crusty old bear of a dad be man enough to admit his mistakes.

The way things came together was a fun adventure and very sweet.

Content: clean.

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