Thursday, January 16, 2014

Review: Eternal Mercury by Elaine Pinter 
Published: January 2013, 324 pages.  
My Rating: *****--5 Stars.

Can true love survive the boundaries of death?

Eighteen-year-old Chelsee Taylor has been in love with her boyfriend, Max, since they started kindergarten together. She has no idea that high school graduation will be the last perfect day of her life. After a deadly car accident, Chelsee refuses to accept Max's death because she can still feel his presence. No one believes her and she is completely alone. Until Blake Andersen shows up. It's not just that he believes her . . . or even just that he's so understanding . . . . But why is Max's presence so strong when she's with Blake?

Eternal Mercury is two books in one. Book 1, Chelsee's Story, is bittersweet and moving, while Book 2, Blake's Story, is gritty and inspirational.

 My Review: 
Eternal Mercury was amazing! I loved the cover because it was very fitting. I was completely blown away by this story because it took me off guard. I wasn't expecting to connect to the characters as much as I did. I also wasn't expecting to feel so much emotion. I hate to cry!!!! Oh well, some things are worth shedding tears for. 

Chelsee is such a strong and resourceful girl. When everything in her world turned upside down, she found a way to battle through and come out on top. I don't know that I would be that strong. She knew what she felt and was very creative in her ways to deal with it, even though it broke my heart. 

 said I was blown away by the story, when really, there were two stories in this book. Isn't that always the case--two sides to every story? Ha. I loved seeing things through Blake's eyes. It was such a different perspective, yet just as moving. Blake changed so much through his unexpected journey and it really did seem like Fate was dealing him a hand.

There was one more thing that really took me by surprise. I don't want to give things away, but this donor condition is really real!! Real life people have experience with it. I thought it was just some fictional thing, but no. It's real. I was shocked by that when I googled it and read stories of others experiences.  

I loved the way things all came together. Perfect.

Technically clean, aside from a car wreck scene and some language in Blake's story. Hey, he is a rock star.  

About the Author:
Elaine Pinter 
Eternal Mercury is a young adult romance book that has been described in a lot of ways: clean, romantic, a tearjerker, emotional, coming-of-age, and inspirational. But above all, it's a love story. I've been so blessed by it - it's a gift that I've been given. It's my hope that you'll find some personal meaning and inspiration in the story. Check out my website to read a free preview and to see pictures of real places from the book. 

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