Thursday, January 23, 2014

Review: Love on the Air by Sierra Donovan

Love on the Air 
Published August 2004, 192 pages.
My Rating: ****--4 Stars
Love on the Air--romance on the radio. Christie Becker has always dreamed of a career in radio. After a few years of working a grueling desk job and attending night classes, Christie is finally ready to embark on her new on-air career. When she quits her job and gets hired as an overnight disc jockey, her life seems to be on the right track, but falling for her boss was not something she planned on. Rick Fox has been working in radio for ten years. In fact, it was his voice that got Christie through many college study sessions. With an established career, the last thing he wants - or expects - is to be attracted to the overnight jock. Especially when it is strictly against company policy; an affair would put both their careers in jeopardy. But when the two of them are thrown together in the studio it becomes clear that the static between them is more than just professional chemistry. Will Christie's career be destroyed before it even begins, or will Rick find a way to salvage both their jobs and put their love on the air?

My Review: 
When I was about 10 years old, I used to listen to the radio and wonder how in the world things worked. How did they start and stop the songs so smoothly? How did they decide what to play? How did they know what to say to fill in the time between songs? I thought this was a fun book to show things behind the scenes. I could visualize how things worked and I enjoyed the different personalities. 

Christie is such a fun character. She didn't grow up confident and perfect, yet she has such great composure now. I don't think she realizes how great she is, which makes her that much better because she's not stuck up at all.

Rick was great, too. He tries so hard to be professional, yet how can he not follow his heart? He seems like a favorite radio jockey with his cool banter, smooth transitions, and good leadership skills.

I loved watching them fall for each other, yet battle that fall with everything they had. 

Content: kissing. Clean.

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