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Review: Prodigal: A different kind of love story by Rektok ROSS


Published: January 2013
Length: 329 pages
My Rating: *****--5 Stars
Source: I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Blurb: The hard-working wallflower has finally landed the coveted spot as Editor of her school’s newspaper. Then the rug is ripped out from under her when she finds out her mom is sick, and the family is moving half-way across the country to Preston Hills, Texas. Lexy can’t think of a worse place to be than at a school full of snobby rich kids where she’ll have to start all over to get people to notice her writing, or–who is she kidding?—notice her at all.

When the most swoon-worthy boy in town, who also happens to be the jock celebrity quarterback, gives her an exclusive interview, Lexy’s life takes an unexpected turn. Ash Preston is the perfect guy and, even better, he sees Lexy as she wants to be seen. But can she trust him?

PRODIGAL is a different kind of love story, where faith, romance, and God converge . . . and it just might change the way you look at your life.

My Review: Lexy has a tough road ahead of her--a new move, a sick mom, and trying to make her dreams come true with her writing career. I think what I enjoyed the most about the story was the way Lexy handled life. At times, her age was clear--she is a teenager and acts accordingly. She can be strong, yet she can also be a little selfish; she can be secure with herself one minute, and completely insecure the next. She's not sure what she wants when it comes to relationships and is very fickle for awhile. Friendships are also not quite what they seem, but that's all pretty typical. Her relationship with her family is good, yet there are struggles--she doesn't dare stand up to her dad.

I really felt a connection to Lexy. Her mom sacrificed so much and wanted to give Lexy a really great year, yet Lexy didn't always support her family. She often seemed more concerned about herself and then later, felt guilty about that. Her emotion really came through and engaged me. I almost felt a part of the story! The title and the cover are very symbolic to the moral of the story.

Ash is very complex and has many layers to him. I enjoyed watching their friendship play out and to see them both find the happiness they were searching for, even though there were parts that broke my heart.

Content: a few swear words; talk of religion and God, but not preachy; some kissing; no violence. CLEAN!

About the Author:

Rektok ROSS is the author of the debut novel PRODIGAL. Rektok graduated college with a degree in journalism, which has since been forsaken in favor of fiction writing. Rektok likes all animals, a good underdog story, and dessert at every meal. Rektok currently resides in California.

You can visit Rektok online at or follow Rektok on Facebook at

In attempting to write my biography, I had 1,000 things I wanted to say but really, you want to read my book, not this, so I'll keep it short and sweet. Most importantly, I want my readers to know that I wrote this book because I love romance and pop culture but I also think there should be meaning behind things. If you're not asking why you're here and who put you here, then you're doing something wrong.

I’d love to hear from you. If you have questions about any of my books, please contact me at

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