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Review: A Suite Deal (Suite Love Series, Book One) by Sue Gibson


A Suite Deal (Suite Love Series, Book One) by Sue Gibson
Description: Jilted by her fiance, marine biologist Lily Greensly retreats to the tranquil shores of Loon Lake to research indigenous fishes and help out at her family's rustic fishing lodge. But when she finds an enormous, new-age hotel spoiling the view from her cherished inheritance, the tiny and pristine Osprey Island, Lily decides that the Nirvana Hotel's handsome owner warrants closer scrutiny. Ambitious hotelier Ethan Weatherall cut his teeth in the hotel industry and is determined to buy Lily's treasured island and convert it to a concrete helipad. Career-climbing, cosmopolitan Ethan cannot risk falling for a woman who could never be happy away from the wilds of nature. But it seems that boat may have already sailed, as he falls into the deep end for Lily's sweet soul and independent spirit. Lily must figure out a way to stop Ethan from destroying the tranquility of Loon Lake while trying to resist his charming city-bred manners. If she can't, there's more than just Osprey Island at stake. 

My Review: I loved the commitment that Lily had to her family and her land. She worked hard to build a career around something that she loved so much--becoming a marine biologist to study and protect indigenous fish. She also worked hard to try and save the land that had been a part of her family for so many generations. Then along comes Ethan.

Ethan is a very shrewd and successful businessman who is dedicated to building up a hotel empire. He seems to do whatever it takes to get what he wants, yet he has a very tender side to him. The way he treats his sister, Emma, is proof of that. He's definitely rich, yet it doesn't seem to go to his head...too much.

Since Lily was rejected by her fiance over something completely ridiculous, she has a hard time jumping back into the dating scene and trusting men again. She always seems to be second guessing Ethan's motives. She's a suspicious person, yet she has reason to be. She's very kind, loving, and loyal, which is sweet. I loved the clean romance, but wanted just a little bit more--especially at the end.

Content: no language; no violence; only very mild kissing. CLEAN!


Published: November 2012
Length: 186 pages
Source: I received a copy in exchange for an honest review and this in no way influenced my opinion.

About the Author:
Sue Gibson
Sue Gibson lives in rural Ontario, where the rugged landscape inspires her to write romantic fiction while providing a stunning backdrop for both her life and her stories. She credits big starry skies and crackling campfires for introducing her to the good life. One husband, two kids, an inexplicable Business Diploma and numerous false starts on a meandering career path later, she happily writes books, freelances for outdoor-themed magazines and tends to the family's commercial garlic farm.

Visit her website or follow her on Twitter.  

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