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Review: A Dream for Hogmanay (White Cairns Ski School Short Stories #2) by Roz Marshall

A Dream for Hogmanay (White Cairns Ski School short stories #2)

ebook, 18 pages
Published March 24th 2014 
My Source: I received a copy from the author in exchange for my honest review and opinion.
Description: It's Hogmanay in White Cairns, and cuddly, bubbly ski instructor Debbie Easton is hoping that she might meet Mr Right — or even Mr Okay — at the 'Hogmanay Hooley', for a kiss at midnight which will start 2006 in the way she'd like it to continue. But her naivety is nearly her undoing and her dreamy New Year's kiss isn't quite as she imagined it might be…

"A Dream for Hogmanay" is a short story from the 'White Cairns Ski School' series about a Scottish snowsports school; a character-driven drama series with an action setting, youngish-adult protagonists and some romantic elements.

My Review: I guess Hogmanay is the Scottish way for saying "New Years." Debbie is a dreamer and wants to find Mr. Right sometime, but she definitely didn't do it on this night! I'm not a drinker and don't understand the appeal of getting drunk. I was right in line with Debbie on that one. She finds herself in an unwanted situation when an she runs into a drunk acquaintance, who tries to get her drunk without her realizing it, but is rescued before things went too far, although they went a little too far for me. I wasn't comfortable with what happened, but I guess it's pretty realistic to what can go on at these types of celebrations. Things were a little too detailed. I did enjoy getting to know Debbie a little bit better and to understand the type of girl she is. It was also nice to know and truly realize what a real jerk Colin is.

Content: no language; a man tries to force himself on a woman--body parts are mentioned, as well as a little of what he does to her. He didn't rape her, but was putting his hands and mouth on places where he shouldn't be. He has to get her pretty wasted to get as far as he did, but that wasn't glorified--it was portrayed as being wrong. No bedroom scene, but a little too much info for me.
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About the Author: 
Roz MarshallRoz lives in Scotland with her husband and the obligatory dog and cat. She has been writing since childhood, including screenwriting, songwriting, web pages and even sentiments for greeting cards!

The White Cairns novellas are written from experiences she had whilst working as a ski instructor in various Scottish ski resorts and slopes - they do say you should 'write what you know'!
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