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Review: Skiing with Santa (White Cairns Ski School Short Story #1) by Roz Marshall

Skiing with Santa (White Cairns Ski School short stories #1) 
ebook, 18 pages
Published December 20th 2013 by Roz Marshall 
My Source: I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review that's my own opinion.

Description: Sandy is like the original Scrooge – he thinks Christmas is commercialised claptrap, and refuses to have any part of it. So it's like his own personal nightmare when Ski School manager Jude tries a new marketing ploy, 'Ski with Santa' and he has to play a part he abhors. Will his naughty and nice pupils help this reluctant Father Christmas to face his ghosts and discover the quintessence of the season?

"Skiing with Santa" is a Christmas short story from the 'White Cairns Ski School' series about a Scottish snowsports school. Chronologically, it sits between episodes 1 and 2.

Whilst this is a stand-alone story, you might enjoy reading the series from the 1st episode, "Winter Arrives".

Please note:
British English spelling and grammar
PG / PG-13 content, including a couple of mild swear words
This is a short story of approximately 4,400 words or 18 pages (depending on your device and font size).

My Review:  This is a short story about one of the workers at the White Cairns Ski School. Sandy looks like Santa, but is nothing like him. In fact, Sandy detests Christmas. The instructors are asked to dress as Santa for the day and listen to the wish lists of the skiers as they ski. Sandy encounters a couple of people who bring a whole new perspective to the holiday season and he comes to the realization that things aren't the way he thought they were. I loved the lessons he learned and the insight the reader gains about his character.

Content: one or two mild swear words; no violence; brief mention of a woman with a female partner. Clean.

About the Author:
Roz MarshallRoz lives in Scotland with her husband and the obligatory dog and cat. She has been writing since childhood, including screenwriting, songwriting, web pages and even sentiments for greeting cards!

The White Cairns novellas are written from experiences she had whilst working as a ski instructor in various Scottish ski resorts and slopes - they do say you should 'write what you know'!

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