Friday, June 13, 2014

Serial Blog Hop

Tamie Dearen (author of Alora and The Best Girls series) was nice enough to tag me in this serial blog hop! (Click on her name to see her post) What is a serial? It's a short little snippet of a story, like an episode is to a television series season. Since I'm not an author and don't have a little snippet of my work, I've decided to write a little about my blog.

What are the top three reasons why I blog?
First of all, I love to read pretty much more than anything, but I don't have the brain to retain. I forget a lot of what I've read and my reviews help refresh my memory. Secondly, I love to see what others' opinions are of books and hope people enjoy what I have to say, too. Last of all, I love to discover the next great book and want to spread the word about those books to everyone.

What types of books do I read and review?
My very favorite types of books are clean romances. I love, love, love to read about how two people meet and fall in love. I'm an old-fashioned type of person and believe that certain things should be kept behind closed doors--even in a book. I love the sweet, happy, good feeling books. I also enjoy adventure, light fantasy, mysteries, suspense, and inspirational books. For some reason, I love fairytale retellings, stories about royalty and/or celebrities, and The Bachelor-type stories, even though I haven't ever watched the show. 

Why do I read what I read?
I read to escape and enter the life of someone else for a time. I love to close a book with a contented sigh or with thoughts about the story swirling around in my head. I rarely read to learn something new--it's all for fun and fluff for me.

I hope you've enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about my blog!

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  1. Great questions and answers! It's fun to get to know fellow bloggers better!