Thursday, September 11, 2014

Review: Dream On by M. Kircher

Dream On 

Dream On by M. Kircher
Published: April 2014, Astraea Press, 213 pages (ebook)
Source: I received a copy in exchange for an honest review

Description: Seventeen-year-old dreamwalker, Em, might have to choose—leave her mother forever in the dreamworld or save the life of hot, rebel Gabe.

Emily Dal Monte and her mother, Lily, are special. They’re humans with a glitch in their genetic code that allows them to explore the fantastic, and often terrifying, world of their dreams for as long as they choose to remain asleep. But when Em’s father is killed in a tragic accident and her distraught mother loses herself more and more in the dreams of her crumbling mind, Em is forced to support the two of them the only way she knows how, by writing down her mother’s amazing dreams and selling them as books. Enter Gabriel Sobel, the punk newcomer at Em’s high school who realizes Em is the daughter of his favorite, reclusive author. Gabe can’t figure out why Em keeps brushing him off and makes it his mission to find out what’s really going on at the Dal Monte household. He stumbles upon their shocking family secret just as Lily takes a turn for the worse. It’s up to Em, Gabe, and one very nosy book editor to hop from one extraordinary dream to the next, to find Lily and convince her to wake up before she loses her mind…and before Em loses her first chance at love.

My Review: Emily and her mother have an interesting ability--they're able to walk in the world of their dreams for as long as they want to (without the need of food or drink). Wouldn't that be so cool? There are some dreams that I would love to re-live over and over again--those happy ones. It seems that most of Em's are nightmares. I could do without those and that's why she chooses to live more in reality.  

Lily, the mother, is sleeping more and more, trying to search for and spend time with her deceased husband. Em has to take on more and more responsibility, in order to take care of and provide for herself and her mother--all while still in high school. Em is a very strong character. With a mother who is slowly slipping away from reality, she has to be. 

Gabriel is the new boy in town and he knows that something is going on with Em, that she's hiding something. Determined to figure out what secrets Em keeps, Gabe becomes persistent and once he becomes privy to them, he does what he can, along with Evan (Lily's boss), to help this family out. The thing that really struck me with Gabe is that he's not at all like he seems. He's a boy who looks rough and wild. He's described as having multiple facial piercings, yet a more determined and sweeter friend couldn't be found. He's very persistent, not to mention very good-looking.

I enjoyed seeing this strong girl let her guard down and allow these two men into her life to help her out. There are just some things that you can't do alone. I loved the way they all worked together to solve their problems. 

Content: no language; very mild violence (nightmares); kissing, a boy and girl lying next to each other in order to dream. Clean!

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About the Author:
M. KircherI believe that stories can change the world. I also believe that teens and young adults have eyes that are open and ears that are awake to the thrumming life hidden deep within great books. I write YA fiction because I'm in love with stories and because I want generations of young people to hold tight to the vastness of their potential—the potential that lies waiting in all of us. The world is ours for the making.

No matter who you are, you have the power to do great things.

Happy reading! — M. Kircher

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  1. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing, Katie. So happy that you enjoyed the book :) -M.

  2. I love the cover. Anything with owls, I'm in!!! I'll add it to my TBR. Also, the author is so pretty :O lol!