Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Review: The Secrets of Myth by Amarissa Ainsworth

The Secrets of Myth 

The Secrets of Myth by Amarissa Ainsworth
Published July 26th 2014 by Smashwords Edition, 418 pages
Source: I received a copy in exchange for an honest review

Description: Leila Butterfield, an exceptionally intelligent teenager, finds her world turned upside down when she discovers she may not be human. After washing up on the beach at the age of six with no memories except for a disturbing reoccurring nightmare and an incapacitating fear of water, she is adopted into a family that knows nothing of her past. But someone does know and they aren’t telling. With the help of a mysterious stranger, they dive into her past, unlocking secrets about who she really is. But time is running out. Leila races against the clock to find out the truth. But whom can she trust? One day could alter the course of her entire future, but will she even survive that long?
My Review: Leila is a pretty tough girl. She knows that she was adopted and has a very extreme fear of water, even though her successful adoptive parents have recently purchased a house right on the beach. Her birth father drowned when she was six and that's all she remembers. 

As her eighteenth birthday draws near, she discovers some secrets about herself, her past, and her heritage that aren't at all what she was expecting to discover--there's a good chance she's not human.  

I enjoyed the adventure that Leila went through to unlock the secrets of her past. I absolutely adored her younger brother and the relationship she had with him. He was so good to roll with things and to give her the friendship, love, and support that she needed. I loved the way Aiden guided her through her discoveries and was there for her. He's quite the guy.

There were "powers" and gifts that were manifested throughout the story and for me, there were too many to keep track of and it was a little overwhelming. I would have liked to see Leila given just a few and to have watched her work with those and maybe discover more in the future books.

This is a fun, creative story for anyone who loves fantasy/mythology, adventure, and clean romance!

Content: no language; some violence--mild-moderate; mild romance. Clean!

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About the Author:

From the time Amarissa was young, she was intrigued by the worlds of fantasy, magic, and make-believe. As time when on, she became the ultimate fan of those genres. Besides raising two active boys and a very busy husband, Amarissa finds time to put her imagination into words in her debut novel "The Secrets of Myth" and is working on the two sequel books.

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