Thursday, September 18, 2014

Review: Waiting for You by Camille Halverson

Waiting for You 

Waiting for You by Camille Halverson
Published: June 2014, Covenant Communications, 207 pages
Description: Ryan Davenport eats, sleeps, and breathes for work. The drive to achieve partner status in his prestigious law firm has required his total commitment at the expense of any semblance of a personal life, and a relationship is the last thing he's looking for until he meets Kaitlin Salinger. Ryan and Kaitlin couldn't be more different: he comes from a prominent and close-knit LDS family, while she is an orphan with a shockingly painful past. Despite their differences, the two are pulled into a whirlwind romance that fills a void in each of their lives. But Kaitlin is the first serious threat to Ryan's aspirations, and as Ryan struggles to find a balance between his professional and personal lives, he finds himself standing at a crossroads. When a tragic turn of events forces him to reevaluate his path, will he be prepared to sacrifice everything for love?

My Review: I was very confused when I started this book because I actually read the back cover on this one and it says, "Alex Davenport eat, sleeps, and breathes for work. etc etc Alex and Kaitlin... etc etc Alex struggles etc etc." I kept thinking, "WHO is Alex?! This book's MC is Ryan!" Once I got over the name on the cover being different than the name in the story, I was able to relax and enjoy it. 

Ryan is a very determined and focused man. He really does love being a lawyer and enjoys climbing the ladder to the top. He has no plans for a relationship, but then he meets Kaitlin. She is a very driven woman, one who is used to looking out for herself. They are so similar in some ways and so very different in others. Kaitlin is an orphan and really seems to crave a normal family life. I loved watching her build those types of relationships with Ryan's family, especially Anne. 

I love a story that shows me what happens, instead of telling me. For example, there was talk of Kaitlin being a bad cook and some kind of toaster incident, but that's all that was mentioned--I wanted details! That would have made a great scene. Another time, Anne and Kaitlin were talking and Anne describes what she observed about Ryan and Kaitlin at an anniversary/Christmas party. I would have loved seeing that unfold, instead of being told about it later.  

That said, I did enjoy the way the characters interacted and the way the events played out. Some were fairly predictable, but I enjoyed the journey nonetheless. 

Content: no language or violence; very, very mild kissing; this is a Christian/LDS book with references. I didn't find it preachy, but there were a lot of references. Clean!
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  1. I truly don't understand why NO ONE EDITS like seriously at least get your mom to read it and tell ya 'hey the male MC is a different name, you changed it." lol. Besides that I do like the cover (I am a sucker for simple covers) and it does sound cute.