Friday, September 19, 2014

Tackle Your TBR Read-a-Thon Update: Day 10 (September 18)
I have no idea why, but I just didn't get a lot read today. Now I'm nervous--my goal might be too high. I'll be close, but it'll be with luck to see me reach it. :)

Today's challenge:
9/19: Promo and Giveaway hosted by Karen Rock (Someone Like You)

Day 10--September 18th
Participating Blogs Visited: 10
What I read today: 36% of The Chapel Wars by Lindsey Leavitt
Today's finished books: 0
Total number of finished books: 10 1/3

Titles of finished books: What Dreams May Come, The Better Man, An Event to Remember...or Forget, Someone Like You, Rewind to You, Thirty-Two Going on Spinster, The Missing Heir, Waiting for You, Summer Kisses, Twisted Fate


  1. You're doing so great, Katie! I have a signed copy of The Chapel Wars and I still need to read it. I really like her. :)

    1. It was a very interesting book--different, yet I really, really liked it! I hope you get to it soon. :)