Saturday, September 20, 2014

Tackle Your TBR Read-a-Thon Update: Day 11 (September 19)
 Today is the last day! I have 300 pages left in the book to reach my goal. Weekends are always busy, but I'm determined to finish. :) Wish me luck!

Today's challenge:
9/20: Read-a-thon Ends, Dream Character Challenge hosted at Wishful Endings
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Day 11--September 19th
Participating Blogs Visited: 10
What I read today: I finished The Chapel Wars and read 150 pages of Scarlet
Today's finished books: 1
Total number of finished books: 11

Titles of finished books: What Dreams May Come, The Better Man, An Event to Remember...or Forget, Someone Like You, Rewind to You, Thirty-Two Going on Spinster, The Missing Heir, Waiting for You, Summer Kisses, Twisted Fate, The Chapel Wars

Dream Character Challenge

Matt *O* 
I really connected with the book Rewind to You by Laura Johnston and absolutely loved the characters! Austin is a football player with a rough upbringing, yet he isn't a proud, entitled man. He is so kind to everyone of all walks of life and makes friends in the most unlikely places. He's very sensitive and romantic. Sienna is very well off and has every reason to be a snob, yet she's not. She takes after her dad and is very beautiful, yet down-to-earth. She just wants to be happy.

I chose Matt Bomer for Austin because Austin is described as having stubble, very blue eyes, and dark hair. He is also very good-looking and tough. I chose Diana Agron for Sienna because the physical description matched--blond hair and brown eyes, along with the sweetness, grace, and beauty. 


  1. I LOVE your picks for Austin and Sienna! Good luck finishing the challenge!

    1. I barely finished. Phew! I kept picturing these two while reading it. There's another guy that I really liked for Austin, but he was too blond and didn't seem like a football player. I'll save him for another time. :)

  2. Wow, Katie!! I'm reading Rewind to You right now (1/4 of the way through) and these are like perfect for them! You're doing great with your reading too. Did you like Chapel Wars?

    1. Thanks! I really did like Chapel Wars--it was different than what I expected. Now that I have all of these books read, I'll work on getting reviews up. :)

    2. That's me too. Lots of reviews to write up. :)