Friday, November 28, 2014

{Spotlight} Thulsa's Gate by Robert Schultz

Thulsa's Gate 

Thulsa's Gate by Robert Schultz
Hardcover, 580 pages
Published April 24th 2014 by RJS Publishing 

1945: A World War II bomber mysteriously disappears in a storm and the wreckage was never found. All aboard presumed dead. Present day: Britten Garrett and fellow members of his salvage company get more than they bargained for when they search for the World War II bomber that went down in 1945 during a freak storm over the Teton Mountains in Wyoming and Idaho. Stumbling through an inter-dimensional portal, the salvage team find themselves struggling for survival on an alien world. Now, they must fight their way back home to their own planet and time before the storm that brought them to this alien world is gone. 

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About the Author:
Robert James SchultzRobert is a graduate of Ricks College, now called BYU-Idaho. He currently works for BYU-Idaho AV Productions as the Chief Video Engineer. Robert holds a private pilot’s certificate and works on light general and experimental aircraft avionics at the Rexburg Airport in his spare time. Water sports and riding motorcycles on road trips with his brothers are just some of his many interests. He loves participating in Triathlons and is a 2013 Ironman. Robert has loved writing stories since his early teens, most dealing with the science fiction genre. Married to Lola Hazel VanLeishout, they are the parents of five children and reside in Sugar City, Idaho.  

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