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Review: The Naughty List by Heather Horrocks

The Naughty List: A Romantic Comedy Novella (Christmas Street Book 3) 

The Naughty List: A Romantic Comedy Novella (Christmas Street Book 3) by Heather Horrocks
Kindle Edition, 135 pages
Published July 1st 2014 by Word Garden Press
Source: I bought it on Amazon
PG-RATED FUN by USA Today bestselling author Heather Horrocks.
(Professionally edited. Working table of contents.)

THE NAUGHTY LIST (Christmas Street Romantic Comedy Novella #2)
With the ink still fresh on her college degree, Ariel Swanson has big plans. But plans are made for derailing, and her normally healthy Nana calls to ask for help until the end of the year because she’s not well, Ariel knows family comes before dreams.
Ariel arrives to find some surprises—like the strange man sleeping in Nana’s over-the-garage apartment and Nana having some problems that don’t seem to have an explanation.
Dr. Matthew Monson has his own plan—and it doesn’t involve a woman. His ex-wife cost him everything he had and he’s focused on paying off his debts. She left him distrustful of all women—especially of the woman who is distracting him every time he goes outside.
Christmas is a time for miracles—and this year Ariel, Nana, and Matthew need one more than ever.

#1 in the series (Bah, Humbug!) is still FREE or 99-cents!
REVIEW OF BAH, HUMBUG (a Romantic Comedy Christmas Novella):
“This isn't a book; it’s magic. What could be a sappy Christmas story turns into a wonderful, magical, bring-the-family-together Christmas story. I wasn't merely reading Lexi and Kyle's story, I was there with them, being part of their story. I came up for breath only when I was done with the book (I read it at one sitting). I've never given 5 stars to any book. But this is such a wonderful, heartwarming read that I felt compelled to.”
My Review:
I love the Christmas Street romantic comedies. I've read them all so far and love the characters, the settings, and the way the characters interact with characters from other stories. 
This one starts out with Ariel rushing "home" to be with her ailing grandmother, who lives on Christmas Street. She immediately encounters a stranger, Matthew, in a very humorous situation, which had me laughing right off the bat. 
I call this her "home" because Ariel is an only child of only children. Her parents are very dedicated gene scientist who seem to leave her on her own most of the time, since they're so distracted by their work. Her Nana's house is the only place she truly feels at home.  
I love Ariels' s sassy personality. She cares for her grandma very much and is determined to support and help her at all costs. Neither Matthew, nor Ariel are looking for love. Matthew was burned badly by his ex-wife. He's such a compassionate man and it's hard not to like him. Nana is hilarious and sneaky--no wonder she's on the naughty list! My only complaint is that it's mentioned that Ariel's name is really a nickname--I was dying to know what her real name is.
These stories are the perfect length for the holidays. They're cute, clean, and so much fun! 
 Content: mild romance. Clean!

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Bah, Humbug! Just 99-cents!
Kissing Santa
The Naughty List
(Deck the Malls coming later 2014)

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About the Author:
Heather Horrocks I’m an author who had a somewhat unorthodox upbringing. I was raised in South America and the Middle East, and wrote my first stories as a teenager in Kuwait, where my sister and I proved it really is hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk. I wrote my first novel in three months on a typewriter when I was 21, I used every romance clich√© possible (including amnesia — need I say more?), and never rewrote anything, which is why it’s so much fun to pull it out occasionally when I need a good laugh. I wrote sporadically until my youngest child (who is now 18) was two, when I decided it was time to either actually start writing, or to stop saying I was a writer. So I took a class and started doing the scary things that writing requires. Now I’ve written about twelve novels and several children’s books. 

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