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Book Blitz: Archangel: The Power of his Touch by Alaina Stanford with Giveaway

Archangel: The Power of his Touch by Alaina Stanford
Rafi doesn’t chase demons. He hunts their masters.

The longer angels tread on the face of the earth the more susceptible they become to mortal emotion

Rafi discovers a demon plot to release a pandemic in a large metropolitan city. Disguised as an agent of the World Health Organization, Rafi searches for the source. When he meets a young biochemist name Sophia at the center of the pandemic everything changes. Rafi is quickly torn between his divine mission and his growing feelings for Sophia. Dare he balance both with millions of lives at risk?

Little Cody jumped into Met’s arms as his wings burst forth from his back. Their pale orange color  drew your eyes outward as it faded into pale green and ending in bright blue tips. Rafi headed toward Cora, but Samantha leapt into his path. “I want to fly with you.” She said reaching her arms out toward him.

Rafi glanced at Gabe and said, “I thought you were going to fly with Ariel?”

“No,” Samantha said with a frown, “I want to fly with you.”

Cora smiled and walked toward Ariel. She said, “Ariel, I’d be delighted to fly with you, if you don’t mind.”

Ariel locked eyes with Rafi and shrugged, “I don’t mind at all Cora.” She said as her wings appeared behind her.

Cora gasped at the emerald green base of the wings that sprouted large purple feathers with a deep blue core spreading out from it to a tan edge running along it’s tips. “You’re wings are as beautiful as a Hummingbirds!”

Rafi knelt down and swept Samantha into his arms. His long silver wings sprang from his back as he rose. Gave turned toward Alyssa and said, “I guess you are stuck with me.”

Alyssa held Vada snuggled in her arms wrapped in a warm blanket. She gazed up at Gabe and answered, “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

She glanced at Cody and Samantha adding, “Zip up your jackets children. It’s going to get chilly
once we are in the air.”

They lifted off as one and soared high into the starry sky. Cora fell quickly asleep in Ariel’s arms. Cody and Samantha giggled and pointed at the ground below as they called to each other.

“Sam,” Cody shouted to her as Met flew up bedside Rafi. “Look, there’s grandma’s church!”

Samantha laughed and added, “And the school over there to the right.”

Alyssa snuggled against Gave, wrapped inside his arms.

He chuckled and said, “They are having the time of their life.”

Alyssa glanced over at them as Gabe flew up on the other side of Rafi. “Will it be difficult for them in Italy? I don’t know Italian to help them learn. I guess we will have to home school them.”

Gabe gazed down at her. “Let’s not worry about that right now. We’ll do whatever we have to for them, it will all work out. And learning Italian is much easier to do when you are submerged in the culture.

Gabe rose higher in the sky heading into the clouds and the others followed. Samantha pulled her jacket around her against the chill of the night. Rafi drew her close and kissed her on the forehead. He glanced at Met and found Cody curled up into a ball his arms . Alyssa peered over at her children. All the worry and stress of traveling to a new land vanished as she realized her children were sleeping in the arms of angels. 

About the Author:

I have one of those brains that won't turn off at night. Many nights I would distract my intellect by revamping a movie, book or TV show in my mind. I would twist and turn the plots and characters to achieve the ending I preferred. That developed into side stories about my favorite minor characters. Each night I fell asleep in the middle of a grand adventure. It wasn't long before I began to create stories of my own and put pen to paper.

I love a good adventure. I love a good romance. As the mother of seven children, I also learned to love to play video games. One day it occurred to me to write an adventure that flowed like a video game and I added a touch of romance. Thus, Hypnotic Journey was born. The HJ characters are like a family to me. They are foolish, daring, resourceful, passionate and dedicated to their friends.

My love for Science Fiction gave birth to the Treborel Series. It’s a paranormal Sci-Fi romance featuring a psychotic villain and a multiple layer
of hero's fighting to survive the chaos.

I write about how friendship and love can carry you through situations that you might not otherwise survive. You will find my stories exciting and steamy, but I am not an erotic writer. My stories fade to dark when the steam begins to rise, but take it from me, the steam does rise and emotions do soar.

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