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Review: The Legend of Abuela Rose: Pirates and Legends by D. Ann Nadeau

The Legend of Abuela Rose: Pirates and Legends - Book One 

The Legend of Abuela Rose: Pirates and Legends - Book One by D. Ann Nadeua
Kindle Edition, 133 pages
Published November 16th 2014 by LJM Publishing, LLC 
Source: I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review
Heart broken and afraid, Gabriella – the beautiful granddaughter of Abuela Rose – stands atop a windy mountain wondering what will become of her and the life she has always known.

At the same time, floating on the ocean, surrounding that windy mountain, is a ship captained by a pirate with designs on both Gabriella and the seaside village she calls home.

When the two collide, Gabriella must fight to save all that is important to her even if it means disguising herself to face down the evil Captain Eduardo.

Written with purpose and heart, The Legend of Abuela Rose is the first in D. Ann Nadeau’s Pirates and Legends series. This first book tells the tale of a young girl, who after great loss, finds her life’s purpose. Young readers will enjoy the humor and adventure as they come to understand the importance of both kindness and service to others. 

My Review:
What a sweet little story! Although it's short, it really packs a punch. Gabriella is now alone, since her beloved grandmother has passed away. As she's standing on the mountain, mourning her loss, a pirate captain, Eduardo, spots her through his spyglass while at sea, and is determined to make her his wife.

There are many poignant moments, as well as many humorous ones. I love the growth and the circumstances surrounding that growth. The story progresses in a natural way; it never fee;s rushed--it feels complete.

Grizzly, one of Eduardo's crew members really stole my heart. He's often thought of as stupid, but he has such a big heart and is a great character, one who really understands what matters. He knows more than others think he does. The characters really are great and the descriptions made them easy to visualize. As in any great story, some are easy to love and others are easy to hate.

Content: Clean!

About the Author:
D. Ann NadeauD. Ann Nadeau is the best-selling author of So Many Miracles and The Legend of Abuela Rose, Pirates and Legends Book One.

The recipient of a four-year acting scholarship, D. Ann Nadeau attended Suffolk University where she won multiple awards including the Helen Hayes Award. As a performer, she has appeared in such productions as The Glass Menagerie (as Amanda) and Annie (as Mrs. Hannigan). In addition to stage, D. Ann has worked in movies including the award-winning short Retirement Rehearsal for The American Film Institute.

Believing humor is the best medicine, D. Ann studied at L.A.'s famed Groundlings School and performed stand-up at venues including The Improv, Catch a Rising Star and The Comedy Store.

Her favorite job has been that of wife, mom, grandma and teacher. D. Ann and her husband, Jerry, divide their time between Arizona and Ecuador and enjoy traveling.

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