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Spotlight: Sandra Olson and Books

I love to support authors who write clean stories. It seems like I discover more and more every day and there are so many great books out there! I recently learned about an author who writes clean medical thrillers. They all sound so good. I hope I'm able to find some time to read some of them soon. I'm excited to introduce you to author Sandra Olson.

Sandra Olson 
I'm a retired Reg. Nurse who loves to write. I have 7 published novels; 3 medical thrillers( Rebirth & Murder by Proxy, Behind Prison Bars) 2 romantic thrillers (The Turquoise Cross & Connections) and 2 mysteries (Toxic Blood & Finding the Lost Ones). My books are available as soft cover and e-books through
I write about my own experiences as a nurse blending actual fact with fiction to create page-turning stories. I have worked in hospitals in Obstetrics & NICU, at a women's prison, at a dialysis clinic and have taught at a nursing school.
My stories do not contain graphic sex as I want my granddaughters to be able to read my works. They do contain mysteries, love stories, murders, mayhem and excitement.

My novel "Murder by Proxy" has been added to the recommended reading list for nursing classes at the Univ. of Arkansas. I'm flattered!

Here's more information about the books she's written:

Paperback, 198 pages
Published June 29th 2009 by Xlibris Corporation

What is the value of a human life?
In our modern hospitals, the ethics of choosing who will live and who will die becomes a daily drama between patient, family and doctor.
If someone you loved was dying, and you had it within your power to save them, would you?
Even if it meant someone innocent had to die to do it? That is the dilemma facing Dr. David Franklin.
Elizabeth Franklin is dying of the same rare genetic brain disorder that killed her mother. He has the money and medical knowledge to obtain the stem cell tissues needed for the experimental surgery that could save her.
But does he have the right, even if the embryos are created solely for that purpose?
When does the cost become too high?

The life of an innocent infant hangs in the balance, as one nurse struggles to prevent Dr. Franklin from killing her to save Elizabeth.
When experimentation becomes murder, how much are we willing to excuse?

Murder by ProxyMurder by Proxy 
Paperback, 272 pages
Published June 1st 2011 by Publish America 
Joyce Lattimer is thrilled when she becomes a nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at a large Boston hospital, but while caring for the sick infants she discovers someone deliberately causing their deaths. When the nurse responsible is uncovered the Hospital Board refuses to believe that one of their own would murder babies and they merely move Martha Ryan, an LPN, out of the NICU, but allow her to work in Pediatrics.
Sinister phone calls from a man cause Joyce to wonder if Martha knows the truth about what is happening. Who committed the murders, Martha or an accomplice or both? Why would anyone want to kill such defenseless innocents? As Joyce struggles to protect the hospital's smallest patients, she is threatened and her friends and family become targets. How can you stop something that no one else believes is happening?

The Turquoise CrossThe Turquoise Cross: A Romantic Thriller 
Paperback, first, 266 pages
Published May 2012 by createspace

When she returns to France for the reading of her grandfather’s will, Marcie Fields has no idea how it will change her life. The castle she inherits includes a family mystery. During World War II her grandmother’s disappearance crushed her grandfather and has haunted the family for over ten years. Are there still clues she can uncover?
And finding the man of her dreams, Pierre Jardin, starts of chain of events that not only threatens her life but that of her twin infants. As a vindictive woman from Pierre’s past plots to kill Marcie, her ultimate revenge is to sell their babies to a man running a black market adoption ring. While a brave nurse, Nadine L’Orange, tries desperately to protect the infants, time is running out.
Set in post-war France this novel of romance and intrigue gives the reader a vivid description of the landscape and culture of this wonderful country.

Paperback, first, 218 pages
Published January 2nd 2013 by createspace

Over twenty-two years have gone by since Reverend Forester sent men out to “hunt” for wives. Now with all the single young men in his snake-handling church congregation ready to start families, he organizes another hunt.
But times have changed in twenty years. The men aren’t prepared for the way the world outside their sheltered community does things. And when one man finds and falls in love with a spunky Mormon girl, his world is about to be turned up-side-down.
It has been five years since Elizabeth Franklin’s lifesaving brain surgery. The connections she shares with her adopted family fill the void in her life since the murder of her father. But the bond she shares with five year old Melinda Lakes borders on the mysterious.
Everyone has connections in their life; be it family, friends, religion, work or madness; it influences and directs our actions. 
Behind Prison Bars: A Medical Thriller
Published October 25th 2013 by Createspace
Samantha Owens applied for the vacant position offered by the State of Texas prison officials for a Registered Nurse with obstetrical experience to work in their OB clinic. After her somewhat frightening orientation what she actually ended up working was the night shift position making her responsible for over 900 inmates in the women’s correctional facility. Facing the challenges of triaging pregnant inmates and those with multiple medical issues was daunting and often dangerous during the minimally staffed night shift.

For Amy Graham who was incarcerated for writing hot checks, the challenges ranged from simple embarrassment and loneliness to the horrors of being a relatively innocent victim of the dangerous women around her.

Although this novel is a work of fiction and the characters’ names have been changed to protect the author, Samantha Owens’ experiences are based on actual incidents that happened to the author when she worked as a nurse in a women’s correctional facility. 
Toxic BloodToxic Blood: Introducing James Ford Detective 
Kindle Edition, 311 pages
Published May 5th 2014
High-tech medical dialysis equipment can keep a person alive even after they have reached complete kidney failure; but the process of hemodialysis is complicated. The machines must be set up properly, tested and monitored during the hours-long treatments by skilled staff or the treatment itself can become deadly.
Patricia Barker left Massachusetts and the job she loved working in obstetrics to escape the man who was stalking her. She accepts a nursing job in the Bentonville Dialysis Center but no idea how much skill it will require, let alone how dangerous it could be for the patients if she makes a mistake.
Brittany Combs, the clinic's Head Nurse, doesn’t know that the man who was stalking Pat has now decided she is a more appropriate love interest. Her life becomes a tangled and dangerous web as he draws her into his world by threatening her vulnerable patients if she doesn’t give in to his demands. His vicious plot turns deadly hanging her life in the balance.

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