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Review: Midnight Runner by Marilee Jackson

Midnight Runner 

Midnight Runner by Marilee Jackson
Paperback, 272 pages
Published February 10th 2015 by Cedar Fort Publishing & Media 
Source: I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review
Description: Mistreated for years, orphaned Moira dreams of building a new life in the royal city. Little does she know that her dreams will cost more than just her own fate. This medieval tale of romance, mistaken identities, and long-sought redemption will change how you feel about villains and heroines, loss and love.
My Review:  When I started this story, I was very intrigued by the prologue. A young girl, Moira, who doesn't know her father is suddenly orphaned and taken in by the neighbors. As the story went on, I really felt a Cinderella vibe--Moira is basically mistreated and is a servant for this family. When given the chance, she escapes and finds herself given an opportunity to be rescued by a Prince Charming kind of guy, Brian. 

The similarities end there. I guess I was expecting the story to follow along the lines of a Fairy Tale, but this one didn't. I just couldn't like Moira. She was very naive, shallow, a liar, and selfish. She only thought of herself in most of the many choices she had to make, which probably stemmed from her upbringing and her fight to survive. Instead of breaking the mold of running and distrusting, she allowed it to rule her life. So many poor choices were made that just broke my heart to pieces!

Brian was a terrific guy. No girl ever turned his head until Moira came along. I felt that he had so much to offer and so much to give and he wasn't way too much time on someone who wouldn't ever return it. It's too bad that he was so naive and shallow, too. After a few meetings, here were his thought: "All he wanted was a beautiful wife to share his life with and a son to pass on his farm." By rushing into it too fast, his heart was broken to pieces, too. 

The adventure was full of emotion and I did want to see how it ended. In a way, it ended well, yet it was overshadowed by the unexpected. I just couldn't feel complete happiness with the way it wrapped up. For a book to get me this riled up, it must be pretty okay.

Content: Moderately clean romance (kissing, implied love making between a married couple, some innuendo); no language or religious elements; mild violence (murder, hanging, abuse--not descriptive). 

About the Author:
Marilee JacksonMarilee Jackson is an avid reader and has dabbled in writing since the third grade. She stays home and chases her four rug rats around. She lives in a tiny Arizona town (don’t blink you’ll miss it) with her amazing husband and their four children. Midnight Runner is her first novel.
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