Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Gabbing with Guymon Week 2

Welcome to part two of Gabbing With Guymon! Kathy at Bookworm Nation put this together for us. We had a lot of fun questions submitted and Shannon was great to take some time to answer them. Keep those questions coming! Enjoy!

You’ve written a lot of contemporary fiction, ever consider writing historical?
I was asked this just the other day and I have to say no. I love reading historicals. I absolutely do, but I would be very intimidated to try. Someday I might consider it. In the meantime, I leave that to the experts.

Who is your favorite couple that you've written about?
Such a hard question! I can’t pick just one. I loved Jane and Tate and Kam and Bailey. But then again, I loved Ivy and Becket too. Ugh. Can I say all of them?

Do your children read your books?
I have bribed my oldest with large amounts of money to read even one of my books but he still refuses to this day. But I do have a couple other children who read my stories so I have to content myself with that.

Have you ever traveled outside of the United States? If so where? If you could travel anywhere, where would you love to go?
I’ve been to Canada a few times and I’ve been to Mexico multiple times and Honduras once. I would love to explore Europe someday and see Australia too. Someday!

If you could travel back in time, what time period would you most like to visit?
I’m such a modern woman and I adore all of my modern conveniences so this one is hard. I can’t imagine wearing a corset or even woolen underwear and a bonnet. And being treated as chattel or a second class citizen? I’m sure I’d end up in jail. (I have a hard time controlling my mouth). So the furthest back I’d want to go is the 60’s. I’d take in a Beatles concert 

If you could pick ONE of your books to be a movie, which book would you choose?
I’d actually love to see my werewolf books turned into movies, starting with Werewolf Dreams.

How long does is usually take you to write a book- on average?
About a month. (That’s me writing full time)

Do you have any superstitions you observe while you write?
No – I’m very boring in that respect. No weird rituals. Just me and my laptop.

What's your favorite animal?
 Elephants. Love them, love them, love them.

Have you ever thought about selling shirts or bags with quotes from your books?
Not really, but now that you bring it up…..

How do you juggle, family, writing and church callings without losing your mind?
Well, I’m a single mom with six kids. Five at home and one serving a mission for our church in Washington State. So I’m very busy. I’ve had to learn to say no and realize that my priorities are raising my kids and providing for those kiddos. I do my best at my calling for church but I have to say no to a lot of fun extra- curricular activities.

How do you choose the cities your contemporaries take place in?
I lived in Fircrest, Washington when I was a kid so I love drawing upon all of my memories for description. For my werewolf books, I’ve visited Canada a few times, so I draw on my time in Banff to describe that environment. I like to pull from places I’ve actually been. It just feels more authentic to me that way.

What's your favorite TV show? Movie?
My favorite TV shows are The Voice and Top Chef. Not really into watching TV to be honest. Just not enough time in the day for me. I know you love the super hero movies (Avengers, Thor, etc.),

Would you ever consider writing a super hero themed book? While we’re at it, who is your favorite super hero?
I would absolutely consider it and have. I loved writing my witch books because I love the idea of people have interesting powers they can draw on and how they deal with that and use their gifts to help others. After I finish up my last werewolf book in my latest series, I’ll explore that more. My favorite hero is actually a villain. Loki. I’m completely obsessed with Tom Hiddleston and Loki is a bad boy I’d love to reform 

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