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Review: Come to Me: Book 1 in The Love & Trust Trilogy by Shannon Guymon

Come To Me (Love and Trust Trilogy, #1) 

Come To Me: Book 1 in the Love and Trust Trilogy by Shannon Guymon
Kindle Edition, 238 pages
Published January 21st 2014 
Will the past repeat itself? Rob hasn't had the best of luck when it comes to women and his epic failure with Kit Kendall is still very fresh. Rob might be successful in sports and in business but does he have what it takes to be successful in love? When Rob gets to know Wren Tyler, his sous chef, he's willing to try again even knowing he could get hurt. Wren on the other hand, is very attracted to Rob, but she knows she's not in his league. So when he starts to pay her attention, who could blame her for being a little suspicious? But have Wren's past heartbreaks destroyed her ability to trust? And will Rob be able to overcome his past failures and become the man Wren needs him to be? Only true love will be able to heal Wren's heart and help her trust again.
My Review:When you've been burned before, it can be hard to trust again. 

I love these trilogies! Rob is a minor character in the previous trilogy, Love & Dessert. He owns a restaurant that is very successful. Part of the reason why he does so well is that he has a very dynamic and personable personality. He makes it a point to know what's going on in his employees lives and does what he can to make their work experience pleasant. As Wren noted, "The more I get to know you, the more I realize that I like being in the sun. It's warm and I'm so tired of being cold."

Wren was hired on as a sous chef right out of culinary school and she's adorable--like a poet. She's the chess nerd to Rob's jock status. Wren thinks outside of the box and comes up with fabulous food creations, much to the head chef's dismay, but she doesn't have much confidence in herself. She's one tough woman though--her first meeting with Rob's mother was absolutely hilarious and proved that she just needs to believe in herself and all things are possible.

Rob can be kind of a jerk, but he's really good for Wren, just as she is good for him. I love a good, clean romance with great characters! I loved seeing the sisters (Layla, Kit, and Jane) from the Love & Dessert trilogy. When I'm drawn into a story and can actually visualize the setting, smell that great food, and don't want to leave, I know it's a winner and this one definitely is.
Clean romance (kissing)
No language
Mild violence (talk of a past suicide, a fight during a rugby game)
Mild religion (one scene attending church, but no preaching; mentioned that they prayed)  

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