Wednesday, March 18, 2015

{Spotlight} Standing (The Waterblaze Trilogy Book) by China Dennington

Standing (The Waterblaze Trilogy Book 1) by China Dennington
123 pages, published August 2014
Genre: Clean Young Adult, Science-Fiction, Fantasy

In a future where two tyrants hold the world in an iron grip, humanity is about to meet its doom.
An empathic girl from the past is called to action by a group of technologically advanced mermaids.

An apocalypse is coming.

Along with fellow time traveler, Force, she is sent to the future as the last hope for humanity. The stakes are high, the odds against her. Can she overcome her fears and step into her destiny? Can she lead a people to victory who lost hope long ago? 

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About the Author:

China Dennington 
China Dennington is fourteen and loving it. 
With her first book coming out and several more on the way, 
she is very excited to share her work with the world. 
She loves Star Wars, The Books Of Bayern, 
Pride And Prejudice, and her little brother. 
She is passionate about God and upholding women's rights. 
To keep up with her newest releases follow her at 

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